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Whitney Wright is a 2018 AVN nominee (Best New Starlet), a Spiegler Girl, and now a Twistys Treat of the Month! How did it all unfold so quickly for this dark-haired all-natural beauty? Find out in our new interview, exclusive to the Adult Empire Blog!

Tell us about your past – where are you from? What jobs did you have before getting into porn?

I went to a Christian school in a small town my entire life. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City. I have Native American heritage, which plays a huge part in my look.

Did you watch porn before joining the industry?

I did! I actually started watching soft core porn and getting off to it, which piqued my interest in porn in the beginning.

How did you get involved in the adult world?

I started stripping when I was in Oklahoma City. I absolutely loved it. I’ve always loved performing and dancing, and the feeling I got from dancing on a stage in front of complete strangers was such a rush. I eventually found my way into the adult industry by replying to an online ad, I flew out here and fell in love with performing on camera as well.

How has being in porn changed your sex life off set?

I used to swing a lot back in the day and go to sex clubs in Vegas and Cancun, I was very wild. Lol. Now that I have sex all the time on camera, I want as normal of a personal life as possible. I have one partner now and that’s working perfectly for me.

What was the first sex toy you’ve ever owned?

The first sex toy I’ve ever owned was actually a small lipstick vibrator. It was the first toy I bought and I thought it was so devious that I had a vibrator in my purse that no one knew about.

Do you have any crazy fan stories for us?

I don’t! Haha I’ve never had any weird experiences. I’ve hung out with a fan before at a club and went to a diner afterwards with a bunch of his friends. Super cool guy. I love all of my fans though. I loved seeing and talking to them at AVN.

Who are your favorite stars to work with?

I really love working with Jojo Kiss, Angela White, Natalia Starr, Alina Lopez, etc.

Congrats on being named Twistys Treat of the Month for April. What was it like working with them? What can we expect to see from you and Twistys in the future?

Working with the Twisty’s crew was amazing. I loved getting to shoot for Holly Randall again. They treated me so well and paid so much attention to each detail. I have a lot of Twisty’s scenes coming up in April that we filmed in March that I’m really excited for everyone to see.

From an actor’s perspective, what’s the most difficult sex act to shoot?

Acting and performing are kind of night and day to me. The most difficult sex act to perform is one where I’m doing a sex scene where the other performer isn’t into it at all or is in a bad mood.I can do anal, DP, fetish, etc.; but if you’re working with someone who has a bad attitude, it makes the scene almost impossible. It makes everyone on set pissed off, and it won’t come out well.

There are numerous movies where you demonstrate your flexibility (such as in Fucking Flexible 3). How did you discover that skill, and how do you maintain it?

I was dancing in a club before I began my career in porn. I took a lot of pole classes and maintained my flexibility in that way. 😉

You shot a scene in Evil Angel’s Bang Maids where you crawl inside a dryer and masturbate there! Tell us how that scene came about and what it was like to shoot.

They actually didn’t tell me to do that! I just crawled in it to see if I could, and once I did, I stayed there and played with myself with the wand. [Buy this scene]

Tell us what it’s like to work with porn super-agent Mark Spiegler.

Mark Spiegler is an angel. Haha. He’s strict, but he’s the best in the industry. He looks out for us and is so great, I don’t think I’ll ever have another agent.

You’ve worked with a lot of the top directors in the industry, which is your favorite to work with and why?

Wow this is such a hard question! There are so many directors that I’ve worked for that I love. I’d have to say that I could work with Bree Mills every day and never get bored or feel uninspired. She’s great and so fun to work for. I love shooting for [Mike] Quasar because it’s always an easy day, and no one will be more real with you about life than Mike will. Haha.

Is there a male talent that you haven’t worked with but would like to?

Not really. Lol. I don’t crush on any male talent at all. If you’re a good performer and treat me with respect, I will sing your praises. Lol.

Do you have a celebrity crush?


Is there anything you want to do on camera that you haven’t done yet?

I’ll pass on that question! I want you all to see it on cameras. 😉

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