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We all know the near-mythic status that anal scenes have in porn. First anal is treated as one of the watershed moments in any pornstar’s career. But what about lesbian anal? It may not generate the same headlines that conventional boy/girl anal does, but stars are quick to point out that it has intense pleasures all its own.

In fact, intensity is the sensation they most mention when discussing girl/girl anal. “I’m more about the intense feeling. When you’re having vagina sex, it’s great, but I’ve discovered that, for me, my butt – it’s very intense for me. I love to feel myself letting go and letting things go in it,” Ariana Marie told director Mason in the lead-up interview from Her 1st Lesbian Anal, a new series from LesbianX.

Nina North sees it as part of the progression of her sexual explorations. “I have just been so curious about it lately! It’s really turns me on, the whole thought of it. It’s an area that hasn’t really been explored for me, and to do something new sexually is a treat. I’ve also heard from my girlfriends who have done it that once you get the hang of it and you really  learn, that it can be really, really intense fun. I’m definitely excited to one day have that feeling and be able to do it,” she told Mason.

Natalia Starr, meanwhile, finds that girl/girl anal quite literally quadruples her pleasure. “Anal orgasms are very intense. Personally, I could come a good three times during a [regular] sex scene, but anally I could just come a dozen times!” she said in her 1st Lesbian Anal interview. Not only do the number of orgasms increase, they also become easier to achieve. “For anal, it just happens in two seconds, as long as it feels good,” she noted.

See all these stars in girl/girl anal action in Her 1st Lesbian Anal!

Her 1st Lesbian Anal

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