Bridgette B. Interview: What She Loves Most About Being a Pornstar

Bridgette B. features many of the classic characteristics of a quintessential pornstar — long blond hair, an eye-popping bustline, a shapely figure — but in other ways she brings a style that is entirely her own. One of a relatively small group of Spanish-born pornstars who have made it big in the United States, Bridgette has notched hundreds of credits since her debut in 2007. Adult Empire is pleased to present this new Bridgette B. interview, available exclusively on the Adult Empire Blog!

How did you choose your stage name?

My stage name was chosen for me after a couple hours of basically dead staring at my then agent trying to figure it out! He and I came up with a few options after I discussed my list of women I admire, everyone from Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, to finally Brigitte Bardot. I have always been given compliments to our similarities and finally we decided it’s my best fit. Couldn’t have imagined being named anything else.

Is it true that you went to an all-girl Catholic boarding school in your native Spain? What was that like, and did it have a strong impact on you?

My journey throughout my childhood has made me who i am today. The impact was profound in itself but the memories are all I have left. Without them I wouldn’t have become the tower or strength I was forced to become at an early age.

What led you down the pornstar career path?

I always believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes when you have no idea why, the path opens and you reach your best self; that is what happened to me. Choices I made were in fact leading me to a career (i.e. school, moving to LA, working in corporate america) where my female power, freedom, and ability to express myself not only sexually but artistically was able to bloom.

What are your favorite sex toys?

My favorite sex toys are usually the more caveman-like! I’m not very interested in the high-tech, supercharged, three rotating heads, might go up your uterus if not careful contraptions. As much as my brand is old school in nature, I stick to basic and always reliable Hitachi and for men I always suggest Fleshlight type. Just why go crazy! The feeling is there and it’s usually done with no time! lol

What’s your favorite mainstream movie?

Mainstream movies that have an air of silly entertainment are always up on my television screen or laptop. For me to have time to even go to the movies is rare as for most of us hardworking people, so the joy of sitting back with a delicious tub of buttery popcorn and a tall glass of overly expensive soda in which each drop is worth a million dollars, I want to enjoy and not think and just laugh. Eurotrip is that movie for me, and sadly just recently discovered! Boy was i laughing, thankfully in the privacy of my own home 😂

What do you love most about being an adult performer?

Being an adult performer nowadays is so different from what I’m sure was decades ago. Social media has made the glamour of what once was so unattainable to with just a simple follow your favorite performer will retweet and thank you (or block you!). As a woman in a world where the man is still considered to be higher in the work chain, being treated as well as I have always been in every single set has made me love my career even more. I feel useful, of value, and my colleagues make that possible. My work is appreciated by fans and by coworkers and that is empowering and important in any career! How lucky I am every single day goes without question.

Out of all of your movies, what’s the one you think is a must-watch for your fans and why?

Cannot narrow down the “must watch” no matter how much I get asked! Fans appreciate the hard work we all put in your bigger scenes, companies, websites, not speaking about more “amateur” genre of adult, which is wonderful in its own right. I always tell my fans that I love going to work and having the opportunity to take a character on and feed her sexual pleasure as well as her costar. Hopefully, that resonates with those watching and enjoying!

How has the industry evolved since you started out in porn?

Porn has evolved tremendously and I couldn’t be happier! With it evolving means that we aren’t going anywhere. There will always be an interest in something the human body does naturally and should be used as enjoyment and not frowned upon. Healthy adults of sound mind and body understand it is as much entertainment as anything you watch on your more “mainstream” counterparts. Parodies, features, more female or couple based adult work is doing so successful because those fans are voicing their wants and we are listening! My brand continues to stay true to what I am, a passionate blonde with really big boobs who loves sex and loves to make everyone who watches feel entertained. Simple, isn’t it? But with virtual reality becoming a wonderful part of our industry now fans can feel that at an intimate level, with features I am able to showcase my passion for acting and take on a character and allow her sexuality to evolve within a scene or movie, etc. I remain true to the performer i was born to be but evolve with the industry.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

I look up to all of us who remain with a positive outlook and realize that at the end of the day your career is what you make of it. Adult genre of filmmaking is not for everyone. Unfortunately, the scrutiny is more major and perhaps one day it will blend in with the rest of “mainstream.” Until that happens we all have to remain as positive and excited about our work, so when a crew is happy to be there, or a performer enjoys her/his work and comes to set with that attitude, that is who i look up to and relate to the most.

Is there anything you do on set that you wouldn’t do in real life?

Adult has given me the opportunity to explore sexually those things i wouldn’t do in real life because i am in a controlled , tested, and trusting environment. I wouldn’t do anything on set that I don’t enjoy or which to explore is the more appropriate wording for me 🙂

What makes the ideal partner to have sex with on and off camera?

A confident individual who enjoys being pleased and and wants to eagerly return the pleasure back.

What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

I am beyond honored and grateful for the increased opportunities this industry has and is offering me. For making me feel like i am a true asset to their sets and for the fans who continue to request more and more via social media. Bridgette B. isnt going anywhere in terms of her love for this wonderful industry of so many hardworking individuals who make it possible for me to work. I will continue to evolve and thank everyone for continued support. At the end of the day, i was born to entertain.

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