Hard Brexxxit porn video

Television X Makes a ‘Hard Brexxxxit’

The United States is far from the only country laden with a long series of complicated political battles. If you’ve been able to tear yourself away from the daily clashes between Republicans and Dems in the USA, you’ve probably noticed that Great Britain has fissures of its own. Brexit (the blanket term used for Britain’s planned exit from the European Union) has also divided opinion. What do you do when constant political bickering makes you crave some sweet, sexy distraction? You turn to Television X‘s Hard Brexxxit! It contains just enough current events to be incisively topical and just enough sex to be steamy and sensual. Who doesn’t love a little satire with their sex, after all? Who knows — you might learn a thing or two! Thanks to its unusual subject matter, Hard Brexxxit received a surprising amount of mainstream attention when it debuted in Britain in July 2017, including articles that appeared in Metro, Digital Spy, and even VICE. (VICE’s admiring review is worth a read. Check it out here!) You can now stream Hard Brexxxit on Adult Empire VOD!

The plot takes the U.K.’s current political situation and cures all its woes by pairing off world leaders in a series of ridiculous, raucous sex scenarios. Hard Brexxxit also is loaded with some of the most memorable and outrageous puns of the year. Britain’s Labor Party becomes the Laymore Party, Russian leader Vladimir Putin becomes Gladimhere Putitin, and German chancellor Angela Merkel becomes . . . Angular Merkin! (We particularly like that last one.) Even American prez Donald Trump shows up, restyled as Tronald Dump. The hardcore action is as wild and madcap as anything you’d expect from Britain’s Television X: blowjobs, BBWs, big tits, and more.

Britain may still be deciding how it should best “pull out,” but you should be all in on Hard Brexxxit!

Check out the movie’s softcore trailer:

Hard Brexxxit porn video

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