What’s Allie Haze Been Up To?

In contrast with her heady early days as a spotlight porn superstar, Allie Haze has kept a somewhat lower profile in recent years. According to IAFD, most of her 2017 scenes were compilations or lesbian-only sequences, and 2018 marked the first year since 2010 that she did not record any XBIZ or AVN nominations. Don’t you dare refer to her career in the past tense, though! Her boyfriend, event planner Mike Adkins, makes that mistake in the recent Barcroft video “My Girlfriend Is A World Famous Porn Star.” Haze playfully corrects him, in one of several instances of the easy, good-humored rapport the two have in the vid. While still active in the adult industry (she appeared at the 2018 expos last month), the video makes clear that her relationship is now an equally important aspect of her life.

Haze and Adkins met through a mutual friend and have now been together for four years. Interestingly, Adkins does not find himself feeling jealous of Haze’s co-stars, as long as the liaisons are confined to her day job. “It doesn’t bother me that she’s with other men as far as work. If it was something where she was just like, ‘I’m going out Friday night, going to hook up with some people, that would 100% bother me.’ There are times that she has been offered to do certain movies or whatever and I am just not very comfortable,” he says.

Their sex life is satisfying but not necessarily the wild sex-crazed adventures that are associated with pornstar life, according to Haze. “I’m sure people look at us and assume we have giant orgies in our bedroom,” she says. “I mean our sex life is good, otherwise I still wouldn’t be here.”

Fans worried that Haze may be soon be exiting her adult career can take heart in this recent tweet, which promises some exciting (though unspecified) upcoming goodies:

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