Trends (2006): Oiled

In celebration of Adult Empire’s 20th anniversary, we look at some of the porn trends and genres that shaped the company’s history. In this edition: OILED porn.

Oil, oil everywhere!

If it seems like porn over the last decade has gotten a lot slicker – quite literally – well, it’s not your imagination. Movies in the “oiled” genre have a fairly simple hook – drench boobs or butts in an almost obscene amount of oil and then segue into passionate, super-slick sex.

IAFD’s oldest listing for a movie with “oil” as its title theme is 1999’s Black Oil from Devil’s Film. The first movies in the genre in Adult Empire’s category pages come from the “oiled wrestling” subgenre, but the oiled fetish seems to have kicked in fully in the mid-to-late 2000s with series like Big Black Wet Butt Orgy and Lethal Hardcore’s Big Oiled Up Asses.

In 2012, Elegant Angel director L.T. laid a claim to starting the ass worship/oiled butt genre that continue to be a favorite today. His series Oil and Ass and Oiled Up are excellent starting points for any viewers looking to delve into the fetish. A pornstar oiling herself up has also become a familiar trope in tease sequences in all sorts of porn movies, even ones that do not make oil their central theme.

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