Adria Rae Is VERY Excited for Her First Blowbang!

As she rides to the set of her blowbang scene for Facialized Vol. 5, Adria Rae is as giddy as a June bride. “I know that I’m definitely going to look like a glazed donut at the end of this – like fresh off the rack! I’m excited for the monster face that I’m going to have at the end,” she says as she points at her cheeks. “This beautiful, fresh makeup is going to be . . .”

“Completely annihilated!” director Mason interjects from off the screen. Completely annihilated, indeed! Adria smiles in agreement.

To say that Adria is enthusiastic about her first blowbang is an understatement akin to saying Facialized is a series with a “mild” blowjob theme. The opening interview segment of Facialized 5 captures Adria’s ardor in vivid detail. As ever, Rae’s enthusiasm is also laced with liberal doses of humor. “I believe I’m about to get myself into a gang of cocks,” she enthuses to Mason. “A forest of dicks, pretty much, and I’m going to be fighting my way out. But I’m really excited because this is my first blowbang ever.”

The scene finds Adria demonstrating several skills that definitely come in handy during a blowbang. “I think I give pretty good head, and I’ve always enjoyed giving it,” she says. “As super atypical as this may sound, I don’t have a gag reflex, and you will see that today. You could literally fuck my throat as hard as you can and I will not throw up. It will not happen! I thought a blowbang would be perfect to test my limits and see if maybe one of these guys can actually make me throw up today. That would be really fucking impressive!”

While some people might find the idea of group sex intimidating, Adria is not one of them. “I really wanted my first to be something big and exciting and I also wanted to challenge myself. So I thought as many guys as I can get, as many show up, I’m down to do it. I want to take on the challenge.” (In the end, Adria winds up with seven co-stars in the scene.)

And yes, in case you were wondering, Adria does end up looking very much like a glazed donut at the scene’s end . . .

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