Chelsea Goes Inside the World of Air Sex!

Air guitar? Of course! Air drum? Absolutely! Air Sex? Ehhh, maybe an air hump, a jerkoff hand motion or the stereotypical V to the mouth gesture to represent vagina eating, but not full on air sex. But wait, what is air sex and why am I talking about it. Recently I went to Austin, Texas to see what this Air Sex Championships was that I kept hearing about. I’m not just talking about word of mouth talk. The Air Sex World Championships have been mentioned about by Huffington Post, on Bill Maher, by Playboy Magazine and many more! What is air sex though? Exactly what you think! Think air instruments, but with the instrument replaced with an imaginary sexual partner, or partners if feeling on the wild side. It is hilarious, certainly raunchy, and you see movements that cause you to cringe, yet you can’t look away. In fact I couldn’t stop laughing and cheering, but that is encouraged.


Comedian Chris Trew created and has been hosting this nationally touring roadshow for some time now, crowning champions in cities around the US, but holds bi-monthly competitions in Austin. Chris has really made a name for it, gathering celebrity judges such as legendary pornstars Lisa Ann, Kayden Kross and actors such as David Arquette, along with some well-known comedians and pro-wrestlers. A mix between creative art and sport, it is an hour and a half of sex-positive and uplifting honest sexual expression, but with a whole lot of humor thrown in. It’s an important activity that humans engage in on a daily basis, so why not have fun with it kind of mindset which I think is glorious!

Chris, the founder and host, was actually on America’s Got Talent, performing his air sex act, and was even complimented by Howard Stern for being filthy and highly offensive…which from Stern, that’s a compliment! Chris makes sure to let people know when hosting that they take the competition element seriously, but take the comedic element more seriously. The competition was born on Valentine’s Day of 2007, when Trew first performed air sex as a parody of air guitar and the act took off. So, air sex has been going strong for years!


So, what goes on at these shows besides the obvious air sex? Well the participants are called “airsexuals” and those airsexuals must simply follow two distinct rules. First, you can only have sex with an imaginary partner, and second, you cannot actually climax during your performance, although it is of course encouraged that you pretend to do so. Also, if you think air sex is a bunch of guys pretending to air hump an imaginary lady, think again. I’ll be honest. I thought it was going to be a sausage fest and men would go up on stage and try to show off their moves. Not the case AT ALL! According to the official air sex rules, “all ages, races, body types, and gender identifications are welcome to sign up and become part of the bizarre spectacle.” Those rules stood true which made the whole experience all the better since you had no idea who was going to go onstage next. The participants also have great nicknames/aliases. For example, Spider Pussy, Thruster, Otto Erotic, Red Hot Chili Pussy, and Fucktastic to name a few. Thrusting, O faces and true ludeness is encourage while each contestant acts out their imaginary sex to a song. The songs usually vulgar as well. With that being said, there is no full nakedness, but you must be 18 years of age to enter to witness this pelvic storytelling extravaganza.

What I really found interesting was that they wanted to turn this whole journey into a documentary. The documentary would be about the touring, mixed with being part comedy special and part exploration of modern sexuality. Hell, I even thought watching these people preform is kind of educational as well! Air Sex: The Movie was released in 2015 and explains everything you need to know about the sexual sport. A light 81min watch of sexual bizarreness. It may not be hitting top percentages on rotten tomatoes movie rating scale, but I just really wanted the host to answer a few questions for us, and he did just that! We didn’t get much out of him, but the show is surely worth checking out!

Q&A with Chris Trew

Just say someone was blindfolded and taken into a room where one of your air sex competitions was about to occur. The blindfold is taken off, what are the surroundings of the person and what are they in for?

They are in a music venue or theater and they are surrounded by people with a taste for a well-run, weird, respectfully raunchy comedy show! They are in for the night of their life, probably.

How does one sign up to compete?!

Are any props allowed?                                                                                                                        

Yes, but you cannot fuck the prop as your partner needs to be invisible.

Do competitors get to pick their songs?


Do competitors usually have stage names that they make up? Do you have examples?

Yeah, everyone makes up a stage name. Think stuff like Professor Penislick or Fart In My Mouth or the Whale Fucker.

How does judging occur?

Judges give feedback based off their style, how the audience reacted, and at the end of the first round they bring back their favorites. Then the crowd picks the winner.

What do winners receive?

We have prizes from various sponsors – this year our sponsor is Real Love Sex Dolls!

Do you have a motto or mission?

We just want to have a fun, weird comedy show that celebrates sex. There’s no room for any hateful or distasteful stuff with Air Sex. This show is a motherfucking celebration.

Has anyone ever told you that they learned a new sex move that they have actually used in the bedroom for a participant that was performing?                                                                       

Yeah, we hear stuff like this all the time. Also stories of couple’s first meeting at a show.

With the above being said, would you ever consider creating your own kama sutra book based off of participant’s moves?

Yeah, for sure!

Preforming sex moves on stage in front of people may not be best for the shy at heart. Have you ever witnessed a shy/low confidence individual get on stage, gain support from the crowd and come off with a confidence boost like they just SLAYED THE LAY? If not, has anyone in general got on stage that has surprised you?

Oh yeah, this happens all the time. For some reason people are willing to put themselves out there in a show like this and I think it’s because of how supportive the atmosphere is. There’s heroic journeys at almost every show.

You have received great coverage in press! GQ, Cosmo, Vice, ect. Do you ever get negative press/feedback from people?

There is always a negative nancy out there! Of course, we hear the same stuff often, that only virgins would like this show, and if people were having actual sex they wouldn’t do this show. But it’s the same basic people making the same basic jokes.

Would you ever host a celebrity air sex night, or have you ever attempted this already?

Would looooove to do this!

What does the future look like for air sex? Do you have any goals, plans or events coming up?

Season 10 starts 2018!

5 of the best words to describe air sex and why?

Respectfully Raunchy; Sex + Sports = Comedy