Some New Wives Say ‘I Do’ To Other Men, As Well (Part 3)

Editor’s note: This post by Staci is a work of fiction. Read Part 2 here.

My heart would be pounding in my chest, and my ears would echo with that sound; I would panic and strain to hear the regular sounds of my husband’s breathing, making sure that he was sound asleep. I’d wait for him to roll over, from his back to his side, facing away from me, like usual, and resume his snoring before I’d trace my fingers down my belly, softly running my nails up and down my labia, enjoying the bristling sensation as they stroked through the soft pubic hair that framed my inner lips.

Lightly, ever so, I’d slide the fingers of my right hand inside, with the left still cupping my breast, as I scissored those fingers around my throbbing clit, wringing the slippery wetness from my pulsing pussy.

So hungry, so horny, so empty without his cock inside me. I needed him, begging for just one chance to have Rico’s cock stretch me open; for the head of his dick to thrust just behind my cervix, topping out, as it pushed ever deeper to teach the enormous difference between eight inches and ten. His narrow hips between my thighs, my ankles crossed tight behind his back, bearing his weight down on my torso as rocked back and forth, insisting his way further into the silken pink folds of my vagina wrapped around his shaft.

Reveling in the fluttering sensation of his foreskin as it rhythmically slides over and back from the head of his cock, tickling my G-spot. I’d climax so hard, the juices flowing from my slit, as I’d dip my fingers into my core and honeyed wetness spilled out all over the sheets.

I’d pretend the fluid was his, that he’d pulled out, and that my hand was meant to catch the residue of his desire so I could gorge myself on it –- swallowing all of him as I scooped his genetics off my sheets and drank the whole load down safely inside me.

Lying there, breathless and desperate, with my cervix dilating and contracting, drifting off to sleep with thoughts of Rico still warm in my throat.

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