What Would a Cherie DeVille Presidency Look Like?

In 2020, Cherie DeVille and Coolio are hoping to turn the White House into a pornstar’s paradise.

DeVille, a popular MILF in the Julia Ann mold, announced her bid for the presidency back in August, but her potential run has only recently gotten press attention, including new articles from the Huffington Post and Daily Beast. The idea of a pornstar as the nation’s commander-in-chief is intriguing, to say the least, and certainly not any more improbable than Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the Oval Office. We dove into the official website and campaign literature to see what DeVille’s presidency might look like.

Reversal of Trump policies

The campaign site is loaded with slams of the current president, right down to the spoofery of his famous campaign slogan: “Make America fucking awesome again!” (In a concession to good taste, the “u” in “fucking” is obscured by an asterisk on the site itself.) DeVille vows to reverse Trump’s policies on matters as diverse as healthcare, the environment, immigration and more.

Bernie Sanders influences

One-time Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is just as sizable an influence on DeVille as Trump. Her positions statement includes no less than three references to Sanders and his policies, plus some acknowledgement of Franklin Roosevelt, whose New Deal-era initiatives shaped much of Sanders’s philosophy. (In a 2016 interview, DeVille mentioned that she often votes Libertarian.)

An educated president

Modern presidents have generally boasted impressive educational backgrounds (every prez since George H.W. Bush has attended an Ivy League school), but very few have advanced to doctoral degrees! If elected, DeVille would join Woodrow Wilson as the only other president with a doctorate. (DeVille’s background is in physical therapy.)

A ‘cool’ vice president

Were DeVille elected, the VP transition would offer a very stark contrast: from the button-downed, conservative Mike Pence to edgy, incisive rapper Coolio. (We’re guessing Pence doesn’t have “Gangsta’s Paradise” on his iPod, if he even owns an iPod to begin with.)

A very interesting cabinet

DeVille’s cabinet would offer some diverse choices! She plans to bring in models Khloe Terae and Kennedy Summers, pornstar Alix Lynx, and WWE veteran Virgil. (All would occupy traditional cabinet positions except for Virgil, who apparently will get a special Secret Service dispensation as “personal bodyguard.”)

Would you cast your vote for DeVille/Coolio in 2020?

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