Kendra Sunderland Teases Potential Anal Scene

Kendra Sunderland didn’t take long to capture the porn-watching public’s imagination, but she doesn’t intend to make adult entertainment a lifelong career. The AVN winner plans to step back from porn eventually, making every scene she shoots even more of an event. Fans have clamored for her to appear in an anal movie, an idea that Sunderland herself has quickly shot down (“Sorry guys but u will never see me do anal. I hate the feeling of it! So plz stop asking,” she said in a January 2017 tweet). She may be leaving the (back) door ajar, though, for just such a scene!

Earlier this month, she tweeted:

The tweet swelled to more than 250 likes, but Sunderland walked the idea back slightly be responding with “Emphasis on the MAYBE, guys.” In a later interview and featured article from AVN, Sunderland confirmed it’s something she has considered. “I wanted to see how people would react,” Sunderland noted. “I am thinking about finishing with that to kind of go out with a bang.”

Best known to the general public for her library exhibitionism misadventure in 2014, Sunderland has forged a fruitful collaboration with Greg Lansky in more than a half dozen porn movies. Thanks to the popularity of those films, she was Adult Empire’s top-ranked pornstar for four consecutive weeks in summer 2017, and her movie Kendra’s Obsession had a record-setting six week run atop the DVD charts. A Kendra anal movie would likely put her near the top of both the pornstar and DVD rankings once again.

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