Indulge Your ‘Dirty Asian Desires’

Porn in Japan has a long and fascinating history. Some of the country’s earliest erotica was actually printed using woodblocks! These “shunga” were artistic and striking, but they still took a lot of imagination to fill in the naughtiest details. Oh, how the times have changed! Japanese porn is now some of the wildest and weirdest in the world. The porn studio Mr. Makamoto joins Amorz and Direct Japanese Imports among Adult Empire’s offerings of the finest and filthiest adult entertainment from across the Pacific!

Like Armorz, Mr. Makamoto comes to AE fully uncensored. The mosaics that obscure penetration and genitalia in much of Japanese porn (including that of Direct Japanese Imports) are completely absent here! You’ll also find that all Mr. Makamoto action is condom free, giving you the rawest XXX experience imaginable! The introductory movie in the Mr. Makamoto line is Dirty Asian Desires, an authentic effort shot in Japan in glorious HD. Makamoto has been billed as “one of the nastiest pornographers shooting in Japan,” and the movie’s action will illustrates exactly why. Miu Aisaki nabs the cover shot, her innocent smile belying the BJ she has just finished giving! Other scenes feature sex outdoors, schoolgirl outfits and more.

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