Never Cum Before I Get Home From Work (Part 1)

Editor’s note: This post by Staci is a work of fiction.

My mother always dated men in their late 20s. I was about 18 or maybe 19 when it happened the first time, living in Florida while Mom was dating a guy named Harris. Harris had long rocker hair and taught me everything I know about music. I think he was in his early 30s when he first started seeing my mom, so he was older than I was used to and much more of an authority figure for me.

He was one of the guys that my mom had managed to have stick around for more than a couple months. Mom was pretty enough to land any guy for a while. We have the same look — petite brunette, alabaster pale white skin and curvy in all the best places –- but none of the men who used Mom stuck around as long as Harris had.

I later found out Mom always looked dynamite, but apparently she didn’t want to do much in the bedroom. So why did Harris stick around after his girlfriend turned herself into a fucking annoying housewife? It seems he had his eyes elsewhere all along.

We lived in a small house with just two bedrooms. It was my mom, Harris and me. Harris moved in after they were together for a little over a year. Harris smoked cigarettes – Newports to be exact. I would always stay up late, waiting for them to both be asleep so I could sneak one. I loved it. The inhalation of the smoke made my body all tingly and I knew I was being naughty. One time I almost got caught and then a short time after that, I did end up actually getting caught. As it turned out, it was one of the best mistakes of my life.

Harris woke up at 4:45 AM to get ready for work while I was out on the porch, drinking one of his beers and smoking one of his cigs when I heard him in the kitchen. I quickly dashed to the back door, knowing his morning routine, and that he would soon open the front door to smoke on the porch. I made it to the back stoop and tried to down the beer quickly, believing I got away with it. Little did I know, Harris had been watching me the whole time.

I was wearing my long white T-shirt that just barely came up above my knees, and the flip-flops he had bought me for my trip to freshman spring break. With my hair in front of my face I had to look up before I noticed him, and that’s when I saw him staring down at me, casually smoking his morning cigarette while not saying a word. We both knew I was busted, but I had no idea what he would do to me for breaking Mom’s house rules.

Harris stood there, sensing the tension in me before he finally decided to speak. Instinctively I averted my eyes, down at his boots, nervously looking away. I quickly realized he was testing me to see if I would submit, but it was already too late . . . I had shown him too much and now he knew he had me.

As I tried to walk past him without saying anything, he silently reached for my arm and then calmly said, “It’s okay, girl, come here.” I stepped a little nearer to him and he put out his cig on the railing of the house. “A little closer,” he urged as he gave my wrist a subtle tug.

Coming next week: Part 2!

Photo by Emma Lopez on Unsplash