Five Things You’ll Love About ‘Ménage à Trois’ (VOD Exclusive)

Everything sounds sexier in French, don’t you think? In porn, “Ménage à Trois” is simply a fancier way of saying “threesome,” but somehow the refined European tone makes it seem as classy and elegant as a glass of fine wine. That upscale feel fits perfectly with Sex Art, the makers of the latest Adult Empire VOD Exclusive! (Exclusive until 11/16/17.) Here are five things we know you’ll love about this can’t-miss flick.

1. It gets right to the point

Sometimes, a storyline helps you get into the mood or feel a deeper connection between characters in a porn scene. Other times, you want things to cut right to the chase! There are no cheesy plotlines or contrived setups in Ménage à Trois. In fact, there’s essentially no dialogue at all. Each scene opens just as the foreplay starts and takes things from there!

2. The cast of European and Russian actors

America’s Porn Valley is the bastion of many of the world’s most popular pornstars, but that doesn’t mean the United States has cornered the market on adult-entertainment talent! Ménage à Trois is a perfect example, boasting sensual performances from Gina Gerson (Russian), Iwia (Czech) and more.

3. The poolside fun in scene two

There’s just something about wet sex! It’s a fantasy that is sometimes difficult to fulfill off camera, but it looks perfectly glamorous here. The performers enjoy some tasty foreplay in the pool before jumping out for the conclusion of their threesome fun.

4. The performer chemistry

Though this movie doesn’t spend time establishing plots and characters, that doesn’t mean it neglects chemistry. Real-life threesomes can be extremely awkward — just ask anyone who has had a less-than-successful one — but none of that stiltedness is in evidence here. Thanks to clever editing, good casting, or both, the action flows with a sexy smoothness throughout the movie’s entire run time.

5. The art-house vibe

Sex Art movies always look great, with impressive production values and an artsy feel worthy of something you’d see in your local arts cinema. This is one porn movie you could probably easily stow alongside your collection of mainstream movies!

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