Jessica Drake Talks About Her Spectacular Wicked Showcase (New Q&A)

Adult Empire chats with contract star Jessica Drake about her self-titled new showcase, Jessica Drake Is Wicked.

What inspired the creation of Jessica Is Wicked?

I had always wanted to do a showcase movie — with me, the more scenes I’m in a movie, the happier I am. Over the past few years I’ve seen the showcase genre get more popular, so it seemed like a good time to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do.

What was your vision for this movie?

I wanted to make a statement. Jessica Drake Is Wicked represents where I am as a performer and as a person. It was my goal to help create a movie that was sexy, beautiful, inclusive, and also challenging at the same time.

Would you say this is the most boundary pushing movie you’ve ever shot?

Personally, yes. and if I was to speak for Wicked, that would be a yes, as well.

How did you prepare for your firsts in this film?

I think it’s important to acknowledge that if someone does a “first,” it may be a first on camera and not first time ever. It is different when a camera is involved, though. Honestly, I was so excited by every single scene we shot, I just tried to stay focused on my overall goal — but it was like Christmas morning for me, every single time. I’m so happy I got to do so many dream scenes in one movie.

What first in Jessica Is Wicked was the most challenging?  Were there any you were initially reluctant about?

Full disclosure — there were two challenges. The blowbang was a challenge the moment i began talking about it. I’ve only done a couple interracial scenes in my career. I came from a time where performers did things on a schedule or for more money. It got to the point where blatant racism in porn is rampant, and my beliefs don’t align with that way of thinking. The way my contract is worked, it’s not the *type* of scene that gets me paid more.. let me repeat — I didn’t get more money for shooting interracial. I don’t think performers should. I also don’t want it continually promoted as my “first IR blowbang” — but I get that it increases sales.

When the movie came out, I got some people very angry that it was a blowbang and not a gangbang. They attacked me online and called me a racist. But on the other hand, I had fans and followers lose their minds and say what I had done would ruin my career, and that I was a “race traitor.” I even got death threats over posting stills from the scene. This whole experience really illustrates the range of racism that exists. It’s scary.

The other issue was the scene with Domino, Aubrey and Venus. Wicked had never done a trans scene before, and i’d been asking for maybe three years. After talking to retailers, fans, distributors, we were given the go ahead. It’s one of my now all time favorite scenes. I went into with no idea how it would play out on camera. What many folks don’t realize is that we’re all coming with a different skill set, so we definitely had that pre-scene boundary meeting. And then we just went for it.

After that scene was shot, fan reactions were off the charts! The movie is selling so well, great reviews, website comments — everything! However, initially we had a few customers ask if they could get the movie without the scene. I do everything I can to prevent that from happening. I think it’s a great vehicle for a wide range of sex that people will love it. I also think that it challenges what people think porn should be, or how it should be in specific categories. I just did two seminars near the east coast, and at the end, I pitched the movie — it sold out. Couples and single folks were buying it, and anticipating all the scenes.

But no, I was not the least bit reluctant.

Contemporary porn seems obsessed with firsts — first anal, first blowbang, first trans scene et cetera. What do you make of that?

I get it. In my career though, I’ve just done what I want when I want to.

Jessica Drake Is Wicked has an enormous all-star cast. Was that difficult to assemble? Did working with so many stars present any particular challenges?

I had sex with 18 people! Everyone in the movie got some of this! It was really tough to pull off. We wanted the best people, and they’re often really busy.

Tell us what your most memorable porn first was (it doesn’t necessarily have to be one from Jessica Drake Is Wicked).

Personally, for me, I decided to do anal in a movie (One Man’s Obsession) but I hadn’t told anyone about it. My male talent knew i was going to try, but as it was happening, the camera guys started freaking out, then everyone on set was exited. It was pretty awesome.

What are some star showcases that you’ve particularly admired and enjoyed?

Anything Asa is in. i’m also looking forward to seeing Katrina‘s movie [Villain].

Are you at all intimidated by the challenge of following up a movie with as much blockbuster action as Jessica Drake Is Wicked?

Not at all — in fact, my next movie is already out. I shot An Inconvenient Mistress right afterward, and not only does it have amazing sex, there’s also some incredible acting as well. For me, the key is to mix it up. I also have some new educationals coming out as well.

Do you think the age of the contract star is largely over, or is it simply evolving into something different?

I think for awhile it was over, but I see a resurgence lately. I think companies are coming back around to understand that although their product speaks for itself (or it should) it’s also important to have representation. It adds accessibility and character to the brand. And it’s definitely evolved into something different.

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