Abigail Mac: Key to Adult-Biz Longevity Is Not Giving Everything Away

Some porn careers stretch on for decades, while others are over as soon as the camera stops rolling on that first scene. What’s the key to longevity in the adult biz? Abigail Mac, already a five-year porn veteran, discussed what she sees as most important to a long career in a recent interview with XBIZ.

The main thing, she says, is not to give away too much too quickly. “A lot of girls get into the industry and just give everything away right away; they’ll do anal, they’ll do DP … and you can be one of those girls — take Asa Akira for example. She came in blades running, you know, did everything … and she is a superstar to this day. She’s been in, what, 10 years? Amazing. But, a lot of people aren’t as business-savvy or as smart as Asa Akira. They don’t have someone with them telling them how to run their business,” Mac told XBIZ.

“So, for me, I looked at Jenna Jameson, Jesse Jane … all these girls that maybe signed a contract, did girl/girl for a really long time, waited and saved things,” she continued. “So, I kinda thought I would come in and do girl/girl only and see how much work I could get just doing that. I stretched that out for almost three years. I was still getting work, but I got offered really great contracts and things like that to do boy/girl, and I was like, ‘Okay! I’ll move into that, but really slowly…'” Mac fulfilled that by waiting until she received a Digital Playground contract to finally do B/G.

She continues to be a popular star and had a notable boy/girl scene in the recent hit Racks Vol. 2.

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