Sofi Ryan Recounts Her Adventures (and Arrest) as a ‘Bikini Barista’

Sofi Ryan‘s boobs are so impressive, they actually throw the Stacked 7 interviewer off. “When are you from?” the questioner says, in an instance of verbal confusion that becomes instantly understandable once you glimpse Sofi’s remarkable assets. “I’m from Seattle, if that’s what you mean,” Sofi responds with a knowing smile and cheerful giggle (and jiggle). If the question really is “when” Sofi is from, the answer seems like it would have to be the era of classic pinups! As it happens, Sofi’s new to the business, but she certainly knows how to work her best features! Stacked 7 opens with this entertainingly energetic interview with Sofi, who recounts some of the trials and tribulations of having big boobs.

In her pre-porn career, Sofi worked as a “bikini barista.” She explains the job: “A bikini barista is where you make coffee in ‘lingerie.’ Or if  you’re bad like me, you wear fishnets [or] sometimes you wouldn’t wear a top, you’d wear butt plugs. Whatever you would have fun with! We put stripper poles in there. We had champagne showers!” So far, so fun! But the job involved a brush with the law that Ryan recounts with equal enthusiasm. On one particular day at work, Ryan found herself topless, much to the consternation of the local authorities: “We had gotten a bunch of warnings. Eventually they came to our stand. I was drinking and all of a sudden I look over and there’s S.W.A.T. team everywhere. It was really fun! I got arrested in red, white and blue – in an American bikini they took me to jail!” (We’re hoping the police department didn’t really deploy the full S.W.A.T. team to stop a crew of rowdy topless women, but you never know.)

Despite the run-in with police, Sofi continued to work as a bikini barista right up until she began shooting porn scenes. While she enjoyed the old job, nothing beats being a pornstar! “I get to fuck everything that moves,” she enthuses at the end of her Stacked 7 interview. (Let’s hope that’s simply hyperbole, otherwise the lovely Sofi might find herself in cuffs again!)

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