Forbes Goes Behind the Scenes of Blacked

Greg Lansky‘s Vixen, Blacked and Tushy movies have taken over the world of porn (and Adult Empire’s bestseller charts), and now he’s poised to make a mainstream splash as a media personality in his own right. His eye-catching brand of porn netted him the keynote speaking spot at the most recent XBIZ expo, where he expounded on his theory of porn as art. He discussed all this and more in an insightful new interview with noted business and finance magazine Forbes. We’ve collected some of the highlights!

On how he sees his own porn:

“A mix of fashion, 80s porn, and Tom Ford.”

On society’s enthusiasm for porn:

“It was this aspect of society that everyone loves and worships in private, but in public it has a lot of shame. I love the paradox of it. People were absolutely obsessed with it in private and in public no one would talk about it.”

On advice he got when started his own site:

“At the time, everyone and their mother told me, ‘That is the stupidest [expletive] idea. You’re never going to make a dime. Porn is over.'”

On porn as art:

“It is art because you make someone feel something. When you create performance art, people feel something about it. You going to tell me people don’t feel something when they watch my art? They feel something.”

On how he built an audience:

“If I was able to appeal to a small percentage of these guys, and women, and couples that actually enjoy quality entertainment, I could get that market. The passionate customers. Everyone was telling me this was the worst idea ever, because of piracy and tube sites, and you had to create a product that was cheap, cheap, cheap. I created a product that was extremely expensive by adult standards and that would appeal to some.”

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Featured image: Natalia Starr in The Art of Anal Sex 5