Sex Toy Review: Lily LaBeau Stroker

Editor’s note: The following post was written by Adult Empire reviewer Willy Milano. 

The Lily Labeau All Star Pornstar UR3 Pocket Pussy from Doc Johnson is a small stroker that helps you masturbate while watching your favorite porn movies or maybe while playing with your significant other.

The toy is very, very soft, almost like touching a real woman!

The “pussy” is very, very tight, but once you get inside you’re gonna feel the ribbed internal cavity and as you go deeper, it gets smoother taking you for a nice solo ride!!

The Lily Labeau All Star Pornstar UR3 Pocket Pussy from Doc Johnson is open on both sides so, if you want to imagine the other side is the butt hole, it may work just perfectly! Also, if you’re fucking the pussy, you can drop more lubricant on the “butt hole” to have a much better jerking off experience.

If you’re a lazy dude:
The best way to enjoy this stroker is by using a lubricated condom. You’re still going to feel the ribbed areas of the cavity, you don’t have to worry about lubricant and the clean up is as easy as dumping the condom and add the corn starch all over the toy after that.

If you want to enjoy the toy to the fullest:
You need to fuck it without a condom and use as much lube as you need! Some people complain about the stroker being way to noisy because of the open-end (butt hole) on the back. However, the noise is nothing far from a real life wet pussy.


Wash it and rub in corn starch, or it’s gonna get sticky and disgusting!
Use water-based lube otherwise, your dick is gonna dry and hurt!
I honestly don’t think the “labia” makes any difference, the feeling is inside.


Very soft and always ready to make you cum!
Very easy to clean up!Refreshing powder included (corn starch)The pussy is very tight, and the ribbed feeling is great!
The clean up:
It’s very easy to clean this stroker. You can use mild soap and warm water to wash it and you can wash “the pussy” by letting the warm water from faucet run inside your stroker’s ribbed cavity.Generously, add the corn starch included with the Lily Labeau All Star Pornstar UR3 Pocket Pussy from Doc Johnson and get it back to the plastic bag and box. It’s ready for the next use. If you don’t use the corn starch, your stroker is going to get very sticky and disgusting but if you do, it’s going to feel very soft, like new!This is one of the cheapest strokers in the market and it’s worth every penny. Of course, if you have more money to spend you could try other strokers that are more advanced.

However, if you’re a newbie to strokers, this could be a great first time experience! Just remember to wash it or at least add the corn starch!

The Lily Labeau All Star Pornstar UR3 Pocket Pussy from Doc Johnson is worth your time and bucks, you should definitely give it a try.

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