My Fantasy Pornstar Encounter – Part 5

Editor’s note: This post by ΠAN is a work of fiction. Read Part 4 here.

August Ames was jamming my dick balls-deep down her throat and moaning as though she was liking it almost as much as I was! She had been teasing my cock, without bringing me too close to the edge but I had to hold her off before I lost my load. “Now it’s my turn!” I said as I leaned forward and gently pushed her onto her back with my face landing perfectly between her thighs.

She pulled her knees all the way back and opened herself up for me. I started tonguing her perfectly shaved box, and without any warning she rolled her hips so she was suddenly on top squatting down on my face, kneeling around my head, and using her body weight to crush her clit against my upper lip as I shoved my tongue so deep insider her sweet hole that I felt like it reached her core! I licked her slit up and down while she was grabbing at her giant tits and throwing her head back moaning. At first I was nervous because she had been with plenty of pros, but the tighter she grabbed my head with her thighs and the louder she groaned the more confident I became, sucking and licking at her snatch to find the best combination of motions and following her loud cues to find out what made her moan the strongest. Suddenly I felt a rush of liquid as her legs squeezed ever harder around my head and August Ames drenched my bed! She squirted wave after wave of girl goo as her hips started bucking and finally she collapsed on top of me. I could feel her pussy throbbing against my cheek as I rolled on top of her, and entered her used pussy with my hard dick. All of a sudden we went from 0 to 60 and I was fucking her so hard I was sure my loft bed was going to fall. I didn’t care… she was moaning and grasping the sheets as I pounded her. I rose up and looked down at her chest heaving up toward me from the hardcore encounter.

That’s when August glanced out the window and saw a neighbor peering in at us from his apartment. She giggled and quickly pressed her naked body up against the glass. “Fuck me from behind” she said with excitement. “Go for it… use my ass… I want you all the way inside me and I want that guy across the quad to watch us!”

It was Mr. Middleton. A neighbor of mine in his eighties or nineties. He has the biggest smile on his face I’ve ever seen. August’s tits were pressed so hard against the glass I thought they might burst. I dug deep into her ass with my dick as she reached back to spread her cheeks and gape her asshole around me.

“One day we’ll all be old,” she said with shallow breath, “and if there is a hot couple across the quad from me, I want them fucking up against the window where I can see them, just like this!”

It was too much. Her tight ass, the dirty things she was saying, the neighbor watching it all happen and the way she was opening herself so fucking wide for me…. I pulled out and stood up to cum on August Ames but I missed. Huge spurts of sperm sprayed against the window with a dab ricocheting off onto Ms. Ames’ face. She was amazed at all the cum. “You ought be in porn,” she said as she started lapping my jizz off the glass into her mouth and gulping it down sip by sip. “Let me get you a business card. My agent would totally want to sign you. Damn, that’s a lot of cum!”

I never did see her again… but every time I need to get a big load out, to calm my nerves and get my head right, I just put on an August Ames video at Adult Empire and remember the fantasy date of my dreams once more!