Supernatural Sex Part 4

Editor’s note: This post by ΠAN is a work of fiction. Read Part 3 here.

This morning, I looked in the mirror. I was hot again. I had muscles on my muscles and some of those had muscles too. I was about 25 years old and super fit, with tan skin. Any girl would be lucky to fuck me. If I could stay celibate until the end of the day, I would be able to maintain my appearance, according to what that weird hag lady told me last night. I had to go to work though, which was going to be weird. I got dressed, and strangely all my clothes fit fine. I hopped in my car and went to the shop.

“Hey Bill,” my boss George shouted across the floor of the car dealership.

“Oh, hey,” I said. Maybe my power didn’t work on guys?

“Wow Bill, you look great, did you get a haircut?” Amara, my coworker said with that sparkling smile that told me she might want something more. Hm, maybe people still knew it was me but didn’t register the changes? I was still learning how these things worked.

Amara was a tall leggy brunette with long hair and a slim body. Her husband had gotten her a nice pair of fake tits and she was kind of a MILF type at this point. She spent a lot of time in the tanning booth and I had always wanted to fuck her. Maybe now was my chance?

We were both salespeople at this car dealership. The place itself was crooked as anything, but I always tried to do good deals. Amara was a shark though. She would do anything to get a sale, regardless of what the truth was.

“Amara, I’m gonna check out that new SUV that just came in. Want to come with me? I need to, uh, check out the features.” I was learning all about my new power and how I could sway women.

“Oh yeah!” She said a little too enthusiastically like she couldn’t believe I was even talking to her.

We got to the sleek black car, which also had tinted windows and I climbed in the back seat.

“Leather seats. Amara, you’ve got to feel them. Come back here.” I didn’t have to tell her twice. She climbed in and closed the door. She made a movement to clean the lipstick from the sides of her mouth and stared at my bulging cock. Two seconds later, she was on it, unzipping my pants and then shoving her face down on it.

“Hold my head on your cock. Fuck my face.” She begged.

Who was I to deny her what she wanted? I held her face down and fucked it. She was quite talented and didn’t even gag too much. She did drool all over my pants and got lipstick on them too. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, kissing her deeply, tasting myself on her mouth, before shoving her head back down. Her moans told me that she was enjoying herself. Soon I tossed her back against the window and shoved up her tight dress. The slut wasn’t even wearing panties and her pussy was dripping down her leg. I threw her legs up in the air and pounded her. She reached down and grabbed her clit, rubbing it until she had a squirting orgasm. Unfortunately and fortunately, this caused me to cum. I left her with a creampie but all of a sudden a confused look came onto her face.

“Um, Bill…wow, I uh…” She scrambled and backed out of the car, fixing her tousled hair and lipstick. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was back to my old self. Ugh!

Coming next week: the story concludes in Part 5!