Everyone Should Appreciate Farrah Abraham

While Farrah Abraham is not exactly a pornstar, she has starred in two amazing porn movies. She is a reality star, and most people call her bad things like a fame whore or worse. Recently, on her latest reality show foray, Marriage Bootcamp, which she was at with her dad, she got into a fight with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, from The Jersey Shore. Of course he brought up her porn movie past, which has been a problem for her on other realities. On the original reality show which she became pregnant for, one participant, Maci Bookout, threatened to pull her family out of the show because she didn’t want to be seen in the same way as someone who had done porn.

What these other reality stars don’t realize is that Farrah Abraham is a smart and astute businesswoman. She realizes that making porn is no better and no worse than starring in a reality show (well, ok, maybe it is better!) When you are on a reality show, you are sharing every intimate detail of your life, ostensibly in exchange for some cash to at least help you get by, or more. You also get a great deal of fame. When you make a porn movie, you are sharing a very intimate part of your life for the same reason, or simply to have fun. You can see that Farrah was simply following the very logical conclusion that she was just sharing another part of her life with her adoring fans and it has actually worked out quite well for her. She has gotten to have a whole line of sex toys modeled in her image and has had the opportunity to be in a lot of other shows, own her own businesses and live wherever she wants.

People tend to slam Farrah but in reality, she should be appreciated. One way you can appreciate her is by watching her porn movies that are excellent. The original one can be seen here. It stars Farrah with James Deen in an anal extravaganza. There are varying stories as to how the film got released. Even Farrah’s accounts have changed over the years since the tape was released. There is also a second film called Farrah 2: Backdoor and More in which she gets fucked in a sex swing and has a lot of fun. Don’t slam a girl because she just wanted to have some sexy fun, celebrate what she has chosen to share with the world!

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