Supernatural Sex Part 3

Editor’s note: This post by ΠAN is a work of fiction. Read Part 2 here.

June, the cute waitress from my local diner had just finished sucking my dick and she was now bent over, hands on the green sink of the bathroom. She had a pretty small butt but I liked it. Why was this girl a waitress? She could have easily been a pornstar if she wanted. I shoved my dick into her pussy and it was good and tight, as well as incredibly wet. I didn’t need any spit or lube to pound her. I grabbed her petite hips with my hands for leverage and looking at us both in the mirror got me closer and closer to orgasm. As I was about to spew my jizz, leaving her a creampie, I noticed something outrageous happening. I was turning back into my old self, and the transformation was complete after I came. I was back to my old, tired and lumpy self that no girls ever wanted.

June’s face had a look of horror. She grabbed her waitress uniform, with the jizz still dripping out of her cunt, covering herself up with it.
“Um, I…um.” She stuttered as she backed out of the door.

What the hell was going on? I had to go back and find that mysterious crone. I left the diner without getting any breakfast. As I left I saw and heard June trying to make sense of what happened with her coworker. I really didn’t care about my new predicament because it was leading me to some pretty hot sex. I already got more tail than I’d had in the past 2 years!

That night, I went back to the alley where I had met the crone. I didn’t see her. I needed to figure out what was going on.

“Hello?!” I shouted. “I need your help! What’s happening to me?”

All of a sudden the wind started swirling and I was so confused. There are no freaking tornadoes where I live!

“You are CURSED.” A powerful voice said. “And BLESSED.” In the swirl of wind around me I saw the face of the crone on one side, and the face of the beautiful woman I fucked on the other side.

“You will be attractive and irresistible each day, until you spill your seed. Then you will change back.” This was getting freaky. “Only the one who loves you can keep you in your desirable state…but good luck with that! You are DOOMED!” With that the beautiful face came close to me and started to suck my cock, it was the best blowjob of my life. Everything I thought I wanted her to do, she did as if she was reading my mind. Once again, as I was about to jizz, I saw a big flash of light and woke up in my bed.

Coming next week: Part 4!

Featured image: Joe deSousa/Unsplash