Jessica Drake Likes It Hard

“I admire folks who are in touch with things that get them off. Personally I think it’s hot.”

So says Jessica Drake, and who are we to argue with a performer/director with as much experience as she has? Drake is well known for educational titles and her presence in Wicked blockbusters blockbusters like Aftermath, but don’t let that make you think she can’t deliver ultra-hardcore performances. She spoke about her development as a star and her sexual preferences in a recent “On the Set” story published by AVN.

“I think people have this image of me and my career and think that I am ‘softer.’ I’ll admit, when I came into this industry, I didn’t really comprehend my own sexuality,” Drake said. “When I signed with Wicked Pictures, I remembered the porn I had seen before from Andrew Blake and Michael Ninn that featured these beautiful locations and gorgeous clothes and makeup, but the sex itself was really extreme and hard. The longer I have been in this business, the more open I have been with myself about my own sexuality. In my personal life, I really like more extreme sex, and I’m getting more open about that in my professional life too. I’m hearing it a lot when people work with me for the first time. Anikka Albrite was super surprised when we worked [together] and she said, ‘I had no idea you liked hard and rough sex!’”

Drake’s process of self-discovery had a lot to do with simply becoming comfortable in her own skin. “Like so many people, I spent my youth really concerned with what people people thought of me. I’m reaching a point in my life where I’m not so concerned with what other people think, but with what I want. I’m very conscious of my brand and my business, but I really see this as me staying true to myself, and letting myself and my fans explore something new,” she elaborated. This open-mindedness seems to be paying off both on screen and in Drake’s personal life. When recently asked on Twitter how happy she felt in general on a scale of 1-10, Drake enthused, “Overall? I’d say 8.5-9. I’m pretty happy.”

Drake’s fans can look forward to a dynamic new showcase that will put the spotlight on her latest sexual adventures. Entitled Jessica Drake Is Wicked, the movie is slated to feature a circus-themed lesbian orgy co-starring Abella Danger, a Garden of Eden-style piece with Ryan Driller, plus additional yet-to-be-filmed sequences.

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