My Fantasy Pornstar Encounter – Part 3

Editor’s note: This post by ΠAN is a work of fiction. Read Part 2 here.

August Ames and I finished dinner, and as I got up to leave the restaurant on our way to the club, my cock was twitching with excitement. Walking down the sidewalk, she stood out and people were staring from across the street. Her boots made her about 5’ 10” tall and she towered above all of the other women out and about. Luckily I’m 6’ 2” so it worked out for me. We walked into the club and we were definitely the hottest couple there, mainly because of her obviously. The music was pumping even though it was only around 10:30 when we gave our coats to the coat check girl. The girl at coat check started blushing immediately… I could tell she knew it was August Ames with me… but neither of us said a word.

August looked so good dancing. I wonder if she ever tried being a stripper because she would probably make millions gliding on the pole! When a song she liked came on she started grinding up on me and making eyes at me. “I like you!” she shouted in my ear just loud enough for me to hear her over the DJ. I was so hard I could have fucked my way through a vault door at that point. She reached down and grabbed me…. she could feel me through my pants and she shifted her hips so she was grinding right up on it. My face turned bright red but she just glanced back at me with that cute smile. Her boobs were hardly staying in her shirt, and now her cleavage had a thin sheen of sweat. When she dropped to her knees, mimicking sucking my dick my head almost popped off my shoulders!

Our lips met and we started to make out in a room full of people. She didn’t have any sort of shyness about it. It was the hottest thing ever and I’m surprised I didn’t jizz myself right then and there. Her hands were all over me and I started to explore her body with mine. Every so often I would remember, damn! This is August Ames, the sexiest pornstar in the world and then I’d have to catch my breath again. I had to get her back to my place…. But how do I do that without coming off like a lame ass…?

Coming next week: Part 4!