Brazilian Pornstar Believes God Is Good With Her

It is all too often that you hear religion is at odds with porn. Whatever you believe is fine, but it is sometimes religion that keeps beautiful girls from following the call of the porn biz to share their sexuality with the world. This is not the case for Kamilla Werneck, a Brazilian pornstar. She was recently featured in an interview on a hot TV show called Pornolandia. It’s all about sexy things and porn. She shared in the interview that she is actually an evangelical Christian. You might think that would have prevented her from living out her dreams of being a pornstar, but in her eyes, she is still good with god as a pornstar. She told interviewer Nicole Puzzi that as long as she is good in her heart, then her career is not at odds with her religion.

“People are very judgmental. They try to make you conform in a way they think an evangelical should be because society says so.” Explained Werneck, “I think God sees inside our hearts. He judges the good and the bad things you do, and I do good things for people.” Of course this interview was very controversial for Ms. Werneck. It got a lot of traction on the web and then people who were also evangelical christians were pretty upset. Others lauded the beautiful brunette for living her life as she wants to. While her super religious family doesn’t know about her XXX career, they are already unhappy with her because a few years ago she divorced her husband and moved in with a woman. Kamilla is obviously one of the people who believes that as long as she is happy and doing good things in the world, that no one should judge her. She still loves to go to church and read the bible, and loves living with her lesbian lover and being in porn movies! That’s the way to be.

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