Supernatural Sex Part 1

Editor’s note: This post by ΠAN is a work of fiction.

I’ve always been a regular guy, until something amazing happened to me. I never got girls, and was lucky if I got the dregs of chicks left over after a party for a hook up. I always wanted to be the kind of guy that was like a magnet to chicks, but I have to work way too much in order to work on things like my appearance or even my personality. I wished there was just a button I could press so I could be the kind of guy who could get with a pornstar or a hot girl who was open to fucking whenever. I always had so much pent up sexuality but I had to wait to release it until I got home from work to rub one out. However, all that changed one night.

I was walking home from the local haunt, and I cut through a dark alley. The night tonight felt spooky and weird. There was a full moon and it was foggy, which is unusual for my city. It was both cold and warm at the same time. I guess by that I mean it was warm but there was a chilly wind blowing, enough to make any bimbo’s nipples stiff! So I’m walking through this alley, and I see this old lady. She looks like a freaking hag. She’s got a toothless grin, crazy white hair, the works, but as I get closer, she slowly transforms into a super hot girl, smiling at me and waving seductively. I tried to blink my eyes and see if I was seeing her clearly. I was…weird, maybe I saw her wrong at first, it was a long night.

“Hi there big boy…do you want what I am offering?” She said.

“Uh…I mean, yeah? I don’t know exactly what you are offering but…” I stuttered.

All of a sudden her giant tits were in my face and she was all over me. My cock was instantly hard and pounding her pussy which was wet and squirting right away.

“Let him be attractive but only for a night! He will get every girl but only the one who loves him will keep him that way.” This was weird. The lady was chanting this over and over again. As I was getting close to jizzing, she started to look like the old crone I had seen before…

As I came one of the hardest orgasms of my life, I saw a big flash of light and the next thing I knew, I woke up in my bed.

“What a weird dream!” I thought to myself.

Coming next week: Part 2!

Featured image: Dawid Zawila/Unsplash