But What Does Her Father Think?

Most people assume that the parents of pornstars must be ashamed of their children’s careers. Not so in the case of Aurora Snow‘s father, who not only approves, he is emphatically proud of what his daughter has accomplished. The Daily Beast chatted with Aurora and her father about his surprisingly open-minded perspective on her life’s work.

Snow never had a candid discussion with her father about her porn career until after she retired. When she did, she was pleased to learn that he regarded her achievements with a significant amount of fatherly pride. He also had a pointed retort for people who questioned his daughter’s choices. “When they’d say, ‘How do you feel about your daughter being a porn queen?’ I’d ask them how much money they’ve made having sex. None. They’d have to pay for it. So I’m like, ‘OK, you’d pay for it and my daughter makes hundreds of thousands of dollars having sex, so c’mon, if you could do that wouldn’t you?’ That shuts ‘em up,” he said. For Snow’s dad (whose real name is not mentioned in the article), Aurora’s decision to go into the adult industry was largely a financial one. “My daughter is in it for money, and she’s made more money having sex than some people will ever make, so what’s the big deal?” he said.

Not all pornstar dads are so understanding, though. In 2016, Leah Gotti told Woodrocket that her father cut her out of the family when he learned about her job. Other fathers found themselves with mixed feelings: “My father’s okay with it, but he doesn’t like to talk about it,” said Anikka Albrite. Not surprisingly, some stars are uncomfortable even bringing the subject up with their families. “I think my dad came across something [I shot] on accident once. I didn’t ask any further questions so I have no story,” said Claire Robbins.

Read the full Daily Beast story here.

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