My Fantasy Pornstar Encounter – Part 1

Editor’s note: This post by ΠAN is a work of fiction.

Anyone who knows me already knows that my favorite pornstar is August Ames. She’s a cute brunette pornstar with long brown hair and big tits. She looks so sexy and honestly my favorite part about her is her beautiful voice, and those 32D knockers add to my obsession. If there is a porn movie out there with her in it, you can bet I’ve seen it. I’ve downloaded so many Adult Empire videos from here… just to make sure my August Ames collection is complete! As for me, I work a good job at a construction company, but I don’t have anyone exciting in my life. I was in a relationship a few years ago, but things didn’t work out. You know the drill.

Anyway, this one night last week I was supposed to go out on a date. I met this girl on an online dating site and she seemed chill. She was a local medical assistant and she seemed cute. Really nice and super hot, so for once, I was excited about going on a date. I get to the spot we had picked out, a popular local restaurant where I had made a reservation, and I sat down at my table. The place was jam-packed and there weren’t any other tables available.

I had gotten there a few minutes and she wasn’t there yet. However, as the time started to pass, I got worried. It was now 15 minutes past 8, and Brianna, my date, was now an hour late. I ordered an appetizer. Maybe there was traffic? Here I was, sitting at the town’s most popular spot, all by myself when all of a sudden, a girl comes rushing up to my table.

“Hey, would it be OK if I sit here, I’m starving and this is the only decent place in town and there’s no other seats open!”

Coming next week: Part 2!