Brett Rossi Chats Directorial Debut ‘Girl Crushed 2’ in New Interview

Brett Rossi is probably best known as Charlie Sheen‘s former squeeze, but she is far from a 15 minutes of fame flame-out. She had considerable creative input into her showcase feature Delicious and is now taking that energy even further with her full-length directorial debut, Girl Crushed 2. Learn more about this edgy new effort in Adult Empire’s interview with Brett!

What was it like to direct for the first time?

Directing for the first time was challenging, but in a fun way. It was exciting to be on the other side of the camera and guiding the performers, the crew, and everyone together to bring your vision to life.

How did you come up with the plot line?

Basically, Anton Slayer has been directing for his award-winning Deviant line for quite some time. I asked him if I could direct an all-girl BDSM title, and he said okay. I don’t really think there is a plot line. I would consider this more of little vignettes all pieced together. Each scene has a different vibe and feel from each pairing of girls.

Do you have any stylistic influences as a director?

It was important to me to be heavily involved. I didn’t want Anton or Deviant just slapping my name on a box cover labeling me a “director”. I really wanted creative control, which was a challenge. Anton and I went back and forth, because we still needed to stick to the look his Deviant line is known for, and BDSM is something I’m not very familiar with. I did study his previous movies prior to filming my project. But, I showed him my concepts, my ideas, and the cast that I was very adamant in casting for this film, along with how involved I wanted to be, and he decided to give me the reigns. It was nice to have a new directing female’s perspective on set. He’s been doing this for 30 years, so a fresh pair of eyes is sometimes nice.

Is it challenging to direct and also be featured in the film? 

Yes, I had a moment during my scene where I got a little short with camera crew. This was because I was focusing so hard on wanting to bring this specific vision I had in mind for my scene, but I still needed to focus on my performance with Lyra Law. It was hard not to get stuck on the creative side of making the film and perform at the same time, for sure.

When you direct for a company like Metro, do they give you free rein?

Yes and no. Anton Slayer has a specific look he does for his company Deviant Entertainment, so it was important for him to make sure I was still able to give Deviant’s trademark look, but with a twist and flare of my own. We went back and forth on ideas, and we both in the middle.
Your showcase movie, Delicious, was more abstract in approach, while this movie, Brett Rossi’s Girl Crushed was a little different. Which do you prefer?
Both movies were vignettes, which I’m a huge fan of. Brett Rossi is Delicious was more of a coming to terms with being okay with yourself and your sexuality and exploring different aspects of my sexual fantasies, like BBG and blowbang. Whereas, Brett Rossi’s Girl Crushed is more about different performers, girl on girl, and experiencing the BDSM side of porn. It focuses more on the mental stimulation of power, control, and submitting yourself. You are rewarded for trusting, being vulnerable, and submitting to your partner in each scene.

Did you handpick co-star Lyra Law for your scene in the movie? Did you enjoy working with her? Did you get the handpicked the rest of the cast as well?

I’m a big fan of Lyra Law. I feel like right now she is the most under-rated performer, so I always find myself requesting to work with her or fighting to have her put in scenes and movies where I have creative input and say. She is a fantastic performer with great promise!

Picking the entire cast was a big thing that I fought for, because I wanted an A-list cast and with an A-list cast you have to work with staying within your budget. Everything from location, crew, talent, etc. costs money, so the more money you spend on one performer, the less money you can spend on hiring say another A-list performer. It was definitely a bone of contention, but I was very adamant on getting the roster I wanted. I was so adamant that we actually moved the entire filming date just to accommodate ONE performer. This isn’t something that is ideal typically, but I really wanted this cast of A-list girls, so I did what I had to do to make it work.

What have been some of your most interesting fan interactions?

I think the weirdest time was when I was standing in line at a grocery store with my grandmother, and there I am on the front page of a tabloid with the giant word “PORNSTAR TELLS ALL” (and I hadn’t even spoken to that magazine) with a picture of me. My grandmother goes to purchase the magazine and the cashier just stared at us awkwardly, while my grandma bragged that it was me on the cover.

What is the biggest practical hurdle when it comes to both starring in and directing a scene?

The biggest practical hurdle is being able to trust your crew, especially the guy with the camera, because you have to make sure they understand your vision, and then you have to let go and focus on being in front of the camera. It’s hard not to get distracted and think about the directing side of things, while you are trying to perform a good scene.

Do you have any ideas for future movies that you would like to direct?

I’m not too sure, but I’ll probably direct a few more soon. I’m currently writing a script for a secret project that will be out in a few months, so that’s what I’m working on right now.

What else is coming up for you?

I just went back to feature dancing after taking about 9 months off from dancing. It’s really great, because I’m dancing at a bunch of clubs I’ve never danced at before. I’m completely booked through the end of the year dancing every month, and sometimes a couple times a month, plus I will be hosting pool parties in Vegas during the summer. I have a huge huge secret that will be released soon for my IR lovers, and of course, I’ll be fine tuning some more of my stand-up comedy to do some shows this summer. It’s going to be all the way through the end of the year.

Lastly, I’ve been very focused on my website and shooting for my site. My main focus is to have a lot of never before seen boy/girl content, erotic home videos, etc. You can also expect VOD to be arriving to very soon, as well!

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