AE Abroad: The Lone Sex Shop in Split

Month 1: Split Croatia

Surrounded by mountains and sea, Split has it all: ancient ruins that have been featured in Game of Thrones, fresh fish from the Adriatic, trendy shops, and so many shades of blue in every direction that you can’t help but immediately fall in love.

While I have no problem sharing my PG-related adventures with our lovely customers, I’m here to talk about sex, baby.  What’s the porn culture like in Split? What will I uncover?  Are there parallels to the States?  What will be different?  So many questions and only one brief month to uncover the answers.  I started my research with a simple Google search, but to my dismay, not much was returned.  After some refining of keywords, the Venus Erotic Shop popped up like a diamond in the rough.

Off to city center I go in hunt of dildos, strokers and more in my exotic new home. Winding through the labyrinth of alleyways in Old Town, I finally stumble upon the Venus Erotic Shop. This sex toy store is the only one of its kind in the region and customers come in from surrounding islands and even other countries, such as Bosnia, to shop for toys and porn.

Stepping into the tiny shop, I immediately felt a sense of calm.  After only being gone for a mere two weeks, I’ve found that porn has strangely become a comfort for me while abroad.  Upon first glance around the living-room sized shop, I felt as if I took a time machine back 20 years, complete with several Pam Anderson blow-up dolls for sale.  Once I snapped out of my 90’s nostalgia, I noticed that the Venus Erotic Shop offered many brands that we here at AE sell as well.  While the selection was slim, We-Vibe, Fleshlight, Fifty Shades of Grey and Pipedream were all present.

Glancing over the inventory of bachelorette items and vanilla, beginner-like toys, I wanted to seek out the dirtier items.  I asked if there was a back room where the kinkier products were showcased.  No dice.  Any porn viewing booths?  Again, a no.  While the shop gets clientele of all ages and sexes, as well as couples, the owner informed me that the people of Split tend to be ashamed to be seen in the shop, for fear of running into familiar faces.  Fair enough.

While I had hoped to see new and unique items that would make your wildest fetish seem tame, the 90’s porn and Pam Anderson in her prime made up for it.  Stay tuned for more #PornMarketingDirectorAbroad adventures in Split **hint hint, nude beaches, and strip clubs…

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