Survey Finds 1 in 10 Admit to Having Sex in Airports

Airports generally aren’t much fun. Lost luggage, long lines, interminable waiting, overpriced food, rude staff . . . need we go on? Nevertheless, a new survey indicates that Americans are finding one way to steal a few pleasant moments there: 1 in 10 travelers reported that they’ve had sex at the airport at least once.

The questionnaire, sponsored by and posed to people who had traveled by plane at least once in the past two years, asked respondents to say how they spent their downtime when waiting for their flights. Predictable answers such as shopping, eating or streaming a TV show filled out the majority of the responses, but a select few decided to kill time in a far more passionate way! And despite all the talk of the famous “Mile High Club,” the survey reported that sex on the terra firma of airports themselves is more common than sex in mid-flight.

A full 17% of respondents admitted to having been caught by airport staff during their dalliances, while 5% admitted that their liaison was with a stranger, not a spouse or significant other. (We have to wonder whether those who were caught were given the drop-and-drag treatment that United Airlines recently become so notorious for.)

Porn scenes set in the world of air travel are not uncommon, with the action often evenly split between sex on planes and sex in airports or airline offices. Interestingly, XXX movies with airline themes usually adopt a throwback look, focusing on a style of luxurious sky travel associated with the glory days of Pan Am and other similar airliners. (Digital Playground‘s Fly Girls and Marc Dorcel‘s Stewardesses are two classic examples.) Admittedly, it’s probably pretty difficult to make contemporary air travel look “sexy” . . .

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