Celebrate 4/20 with the Emerald Triangle Girls!

Emerald Triangle Girls offers “Smoking Hot Girls,” a tagline that is served up with a wink and a nudge. The primary Twitter image for the company sets the tone: Penny Pax is surrounded by a smoky haze, joint in hand, with green leaves adorning her headgear. One of the latest additions to Adult Empire On Demand, the label brings porn fans a roster of girls who like to light up and then ignite the fuse of fiery passion. There’s no better day than April 20th to sample their movies!

“There is incredible overlap between the local marijuana industry and the adult industry in California, both by performers and consumers,” Triangle spokesperson Carmen Meadow told XBIZ. “Like VR, marijuana takes what might be otherwise be a 2D experience and transforms it into something extrasensory. Whether you’re a performer or a consumer, it allows you to really settle into your body. It’s transformative, like adding salt on caramel.”

The Emerald Triangles line seemed like a natural extension of the existing habits of many porn performers. “You’d sometimes catch them in the bathroom with a vape pen,” Meadows said. “Or see them with an edible in the bag. We thought, why not bring this out in the open? Both sex and cannabis are natural, and both are subjected to social stigma and shame.”

In addition to hardcore action, Emerald Triangle Girls scenes often include interviews with the featured performers, in which they discuss their interest in smoking.

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