Venus Girls Brings Domination Out of the Dungeon (New to VOD and Unlimited)

Domination isn’t just a collection of props in a dungeon. It’s a perspective, an attitude, and a way of life.

That’s the Venus Girls brand in a nutshell — hard-driving, ball-busting beauties who mercilessly dominate their men in a variety of contexts, not just the grimy BDSM lairs made famous by fetish porn. The Venus Girls library, with all its incumbent femdom madness, is the latest addition to Adult Empire’s On Demand and Unlimited rosters.

Venus Girls has been presenting domination adventures to the world since 1999, and have made their movies successful by adhering to a rigorous standard of talent and content. “We are very picky about choosing who gets to be a Venus Girl,” said Venus director Sturgeon Court in a 2011 interview with AVN. “If she doesn’t possess the right blend of strength and sexiness, she won’t do. Our standards are high and unflinching. If a scene is not shot to our standards, we simply will not release it.”

“Unflinching” is a word that certainly fits the Venus Girls style to a tee. Scene two of Cuckold Honeymoon 4 is a quintessential example. The sequence finds busty Eva Notty asking her neighbor to drop by her house for a little discussion. Nervous, he isn’t quite sure why Eva has requested he visit. Eva, meanwhile, is forceful and assertive. She aggressively upbraids him for spying on her while doing yardwork (“trimming the bushes,” in fact, in a bit of unsubtle but amusing wordplay that’s another Venus Girls signature) and then points to her cleavage. “Is this what you’re looking at?” she says as she grabs his face and slams it in between her breasts. “You’re so pathetic,” she continues, with accompanying eye-roll, as she shoves the hapless neighbor back. His simpering, sad-faced apologies carry no weight as Eva goads him into a series of humiliating sex acts. In Venus Girls movies, the sexual power is always firmly in control of the confident women. The men? They may beg for mercy, but they’re certainly not going to get it!

In addition to stalwart performers like Eva Notty, Venus Girls has also made use of some of the best behind-the-camera talent, too, including directors Michael Ninn and Henri Pachard. Browse Venus Girls on Adult Empire VOD and Adult Empire Unlimited!

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