Behind the Scenes with Porn’s Hottest Couples (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of Behind the Scenes with Porn’s Hottest Couples where pornstar couples tell us how they keep that spark alive in their relationships:

Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferarra

 Manuel Ferarra and I met in late 2006 on the set of my first porn shoot. He was confident, handsome, and French. I was shy and clueless,” said Kayden Kross. “We had sex, and then we didn’t see each other again for almost four years.”

“The next time I saw him, I was closer to his level. It was another porn set, and once again we were scheduled to have sex. Things were different that time around. I, too, had become confident. I’d navigated the adult industry well and worked my way into one of the most lucrative exclusive performing contracts with the top production company in the business [Digital Playground]. I was on top, that is until I fell in love with him, and had to choose between continuing my career and settling down.”

After they dated for a year, she decided to quit her contract and move in with Manuel. In 2013, Manuel asked Kayden to stop performing with other men and she obliged. A few more months after that they were engaged and now have been happily married for 5 years and have a 3 year old daughter. ABC News via 20/20, November 13, 2014

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Kissa & Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins and Kissa Sins met in an unusual way… Kissa had broken up with her long term boyfriend and it just so happened that she had Johnny on her Instagram. She sent him a message, “Hey, I want to fuck you!” He never responds to anyone on Instagram, so in her mind he would never get back to her, but he did. Kissa thought the scenario sounded perfect…”He’s a pornstar, he’ll never get attached to me, he’s not clingy, he just wants to fuck and leave,” said Kissa. “So I was all excited that I was going to fuck someone and make bad decisions. And the minute we met each other, we were inseparable. He made me stay over, he cooked me breakfast. We immediately moved in together, we’ve been inseparable.”

Kissa and Johnny both fuck women but Kissa only fucks Johnny. “I don’t need to fuck other dudes,” said Kissa. “He’s never had a girl who’s been loyal to him, ever. It’s a really new thing for him. I think it’s hot. It turns me on that I’m his personal little pussy and he fucks it well enough. It’s always sore. So I don’t really have time to be having sex with other guys. As long as I can have sex with other girls and him, I’m happy.” AdultDVDTalk, November 14, 2014

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Joanna Angel & Small Hands

Small Hands, a graphic designer by trade, creates company websites, and a mutual friend introduced him to Joanna Angel, who became his client. He designs all of her DVD and movie covers, all the posters that promote her company, and all the merchandise.

Small Hands got into porn because Joanna’s website needed content. According to Small Hands – “She said ‘We really need to put something up on the website. You think you could make something happen [in our hotel room]?’ I was a little reluctant. It wasn’t something I was prepared for, but obviously I love my girlfriend, I love her company [Burning Angel], and she needed something. So I said ‘OK! I will do my very best.’ We filmed something very simple in the hotel room; that was surprisingly pretty easy for me and I did a decent enough job. It got a pretty good response so we [thought], Why don’t I keep doing this because it helps the company?” (NOTE: They were married October 31, 2016) VICE, April 26, 2015

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