Six Degrees of Ginger Lynn

They say that anyone on earth is connected to any other person by a chain of just six “friends of friends.” This intriguing little fact inspired the famous parlor game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” which challenges players to connect two actors through six or fewer co-starring performances. We think it’s high time porn had its own version! Sex Degrees of Separation, anyone? Ginger Lynn, who appeared in both mainstream and adult movies in a career that stretched over three decades, seemed like the ideal choice as the stand-in for Bacon. Like Bacon, an actor who has performed as part of numerous ensemble casts in his career, Lynn has acted in several movies with a broad swath of performers from numerous generations. We take six actors, from both mainstream and adult, and link them back to Ginger via her co-stars. (To keep things interesting, we avoided re-using any movies in the chains for the mainstream actors.)

Lena Paul (adult)

Lena is a trending newbie whose time in porn does not overlap at all with Lynn’s adult career. Nevertheless, it only takes a few simple steps to link the two, thanks to Paul’s upcoming performance with busy and long-tenured star Lex Steele.

Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele co-starred with Ginger Lynn in VCA’s Taken (2000)


Donald Trump (mainstream)

The president has made some well-known non-sex cameos in late-night movies before, including Playboy’s 2000 Video Calendar, but we didn’t use that route to link him to Ginger Lynn. A more fun manner is to use his cameo in Home Alone 2 to connect back to Ginger Lynn’s turn in Young Guns II.

Hunt for Red October

Tim Curry co-starred with Scott Glenn in The Hunt for Red October

hot wife vol. 2

Scott Glenn co-starred with Tracey Walter in The Silence of the Lambs

Young Guns II

Tracey Walter co-starred with Ginger Lynn in Young Guns II

Hugh Grant (mainstream)

The stammering, charming Grant has had his run-ins with sex workers before, but to the best of our knowledge, he’s never starred in a porn movie. Doesn’t mean he can’t be linked to Ginger Lynn, though!

The Rock

David Morse co-starred with Bill Forsythe in The Rock

hot wife vol. 2

Bill Forsythe co-starred with Ginger Lynn in The Devil’s Rejects

Alec Baldwin (mainstream)

Well, if we linked Trump, we’ve got to link Baldwin, too, right?

The Freshman

Matthew Broderick co-starred with BD Wong in The Freshman

Father of the Bride

BD Wong co-starred with Eugene Levy in Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride

Eugene Levy co-starred with Ginger Lynn in American Pie: Band Camp

Kendra Sunderland (adult)

Kendra’s only been in two adult movies, but she’s shot scenes with AVN Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue, who is the Kevin Bacon of porn-scene connections.

Natural Beauties

Kendra Sunderland co-starred with Mick Blue in Natural Beauties

The Freshman

Mick Blue co-starred with Katja Kassin in Katja Kassin’s Fuck Me

Jewwel De'Nyle's Last Movie

Katja Kassin and Ginger Lynn co-starred in Jewel De’Nyle’s Last Movie


Jimmy Stewart (mainstream)

The wholesome Stewart, so famous for his aw-shucks performances in movies like It’s A Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, seems about as far afield from the world of porn as it is possible to imagine! So, yeah . . . challenge accepted! (We winced slightly at having to use An American Tail in there, which is probably — and hopefully — making its debut reference in a porn-related blog. Sorry, Don Bluth!)



Amy Irving co-starred with Nancy Allen in Carrie

Dressed to Kill

Nancy Allen co-starred with Dennis Franz in Dressed to Kill

NYPD Blue: Season 1

Dennis Franz co-starred with Ginger Lynn in NYPD Blue