Brett Rossi Primed For Her Stand-Up Comedy Debut

There’s nothing to hide behind in stand-up comedy. No props, no script, no music — it’s just you, the microphone, the stage lights and an audience that is expecting laughs. It’s not a career for the timid or fearful, and in that way it parallels working in the adult industry. Porn also exposes you — quite literally — and forces you to contend with an audience with very specific expectations for the experience they’re going to get. While few people associate pornstars with rimshots and one-liners, numerous adult performers have demonstrated a hidden knack for humor. The latest is Brett Rossi, Delicious star and former flame of Charlie Sheen, who will make her stand-up comedy debut next week at AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo. She’ll be appearing with Die Laughing’s Sam Tripoli and Sirius XM’s Jason Ellis.

“I’m so excited to finally be making my comedy debut. I’ve been wanting to do this forever,” Rossi told AVN. “Sam Tripoli has been a great friend and an inspiration, so I can’t wait to share the stage with him! And of course, I can’t wait to meet all my fans at AEE and find out if I win some AVN Awards for my showcase.”

Other stars have successfully tried their hand at stand-up. Alia Janine retired from the business in 2014 to forge a new career in comedy. Interestingly, Janine has found the challenge of making people laugh much more intimidating than any porn scene she ever shot. “Doing standup is much more terrifying, I’d say, mostly because I haven’t done it as much as I’ve had sex or had sex on film,” she told Daily Dot in 2014. “Standup is a lot harder, because when you’re on stage, you’re fully clothed and you’re just talking to people . . . Having sex is a very animalistic thing. We do it all the time. We do it to survive. But we don’t need to stand up in front of people and tell jokes to survive.” Missy Martinez, known to fans for her zany sense of humor, has also done stand-up in appearances at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

Read more about Rossi’s appearance here.

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