January Vixen Angel: Anya Olsen

Fresh faced beauty, Anya Olsen was named the January Vixen Angel by Greg Lansky. “I still cannot believe I have been made a Vixen Angel!” Olsen said. “It is really the highlight of my career! I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to be directed by Greg Lansky on all his brands and he is so inspiring to work for. When he handed me my custom red bottoms and diamond Vixen Angel necklace my heart was pounding and I couldn’t stop the tears of joy. They really made me feel appreciated and special. I can’t wait to wear my Vixen Angel diamond necklace out!”

Lansky has nothing but good things to say about his January Vixen Angel, “Anya brings talent, passion and dedication to her work, and that comes through naturally in every film she does. We can’t wait to do more successful projects with her. She is an incredible woman all around and we’re excited to welcome her as our newest Vixen Angel.”

Anya was given a pair of Vixen custom Christian Louboutin red-bottom shoes, a custom Tiffany brilliant-cut diamond necklace, and an exclusive high-end fashion photo shoot. We can’t wait to see what Vixen and Anya come up with!

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