Hot Wax: Asa Akira Introduces a Candle Line

It is sometimes said that Yankee Candle isn’t really in the business of selling candles. “[Yankee Candle founder Michael] Kittredge does not sell pieces of wax and string,” Business West said in 1993. “He sells entertainment, fantasy, nostalgia, romance.” Similarly, Asa Akira‘s new line of candles probably isn’t really about the product in and of itself. It’s more about selling Akira’s lifestyle, brand and point of view. (Either way, we probably wouldn’t buy one for mom at Christmas, unless you’re from a very forward-thinking family.) Akira introduced the line in her Twitter feed earlier this week:

Just as Yankee Candle often includes bizarre and almost inexplicable scents in its candle lines (“Summer Storm” or “Riding Mower,” anyone?), so too has Akira introduced some oddball varieties into her initial batch. “Daddy Issues” offers the fragrance of vanilla and tobacco to “enchant you into wasting two years+ of your life on a relationship fueled by codependency and psychological warfare. Sounds like the ideal scent to have burning when you queue up the latest Family Roleplay movie, doesn’t it? “Strip Club Locker Room” bills itself as the “best smelling place on earth,” while “Yellow Fever” allows you to “bask in imperial destiny.”

Displaying the same cheeky charm she did in both of her memoirs, Asa describes her candle line in this way on the product’s official website: “Akira is the proud recipient of two dicks in her ass at the same time, and you can now enjoy her artisanal blends one aroma at a time.” Interestingly, all the candles have already sold out and will not return to stock until January!

It’s not the first time a pornstar has introduced a product that seems somewhat out of the realm of adult entertainment. Legendary actor Ron Jeremy created a branded rum in 2013, although it was momentarily pulled from shelves when it debuted. Let’s hope Akira’s candles don’t suffer the same fate!

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