Eight Tantalizing Tidbits from Asa Akira’s Book ‘Dirty Thirty’

Asa Akira‘s Dirty Thirty hit bookstands earlier this year and commanded all the attention and interest that her biggest showcase movies have. Her popularity is probably no longer at its apex, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t remain one of the most interesting and engaging performers in the adult industry. Like Asa herself, the book — a follow-up to her 2014 bestseller, Insatiable — is breezy, varied and provocative. Reading it is like hanging out with a whip-smart friend who isn’t afraid to dislodge you from your comfort zone with liberal doses of TMI. It’s anecdotal and rambling at times, but never boring. In quintessential Akira fashion, it starts with an eyebrow-raising anecdote about Akira’s flirtation with an affair with a paraplegic, ends with a 30-page art-imitates-life script, and is peppered with plenty of Akira’s own haikus in between. We dipped into the lengthy diary section of the book to find eight fascinating tidibts about her daily life, career, habits and more.

Eric John caught on fire while shooting a scene from Akira’s showcase Asa Goes to Hell.

The hellfire and brimstone theme of the movie meant open flames on the set, and Eric John found himself catching on fire while shooting an anal scene with Akira. (She assures us that no one was hurt, but we can only imagine the incident must have led to at least a few very nervous moments!)

Asa’s husband, Toni Ribas, loves cream pies.

. . . and we’re not talking banana cream here. Akira loves obliging her pornstar hubby on this point, but there is a downside: “The problem is, whenever I do that, my pussy smells like shit the next morning.” Asa solves said problem by douching.

Dana DeArmond is one of Asa’s favorite people and beguiles her with stories about her Tinder experiences.

Anyone who remembers Simple Pickup’s widely viewed video about pornstars and Tinder will recall that Dana DeArmond is an enthusiastic user of the app. Akira loves hearing all about it, so much so that she halfway hopes DeArmond remains single.

She’s trying to break herself of the habit of saying “bless you” after someone sneezes.

“It’s one thing if you believe in god and you really believe that thing that when you sneeze, your soul is trying to escape — but I don’t. Why am I saying bless you?” she notes.

Akira is a master of the “Would you rather?” parlor game.

She whips up a couple doozies in the book: “Would you rather be middle class and deaf, or rich as fuck and incurably blind?” and “Would you rather eat a piece of chocolate that tastes like shit, or a piece of shit that tastes like chocolate?”

She senses that she’s not quite as popular as she used to be — and it concerns her.

Asa used to be one of the two top-searched stars on the internet (the other was Lisa Ann), but she’s now slipped to number seven. “I’m not gonna lie, this fucking crushes my soul. I knew it would happen. I just didn’t think I’d care,” Akira says.

She digs podcasts and NPR.

Her appreciation of both NPR’s This American Life (we now wonder if they’ve ever done an episode on porn?) and a podcast named Serial are mentioned.

Pushing the envelope comes naturally to her.

Asa Akira’s edgy conversational tendencies call to mind a comment once made about John Kennedy — he’ll stride right into the lion’s den and pull up a chair. At one point, Akira mentions debating tweeting a comment that manages to shock in multiple ways: “My period is a black guy. Always late and hurts my ovaries.” (While worried about what reaction it might get, she notes that it ended up with 700 retweets.)

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