Give Thanks to the Toys that Keep on Giving: Sex Toy Guide

Over the river and through the woods… straight to your bedroom you go?!

Thanksgiving is on the way and so are all the stresses of the holidays, but Adult Empire is here to help! After the turkey is eaten, the left overs are put away and the last few family members are out the door, it’s time to turn Thanksgiving into Spanksgiving with your partner… or yourself! We have it all laid out for you in our Thanksgiving Sex Toy Guide – complete with a few tried and true reviews! The turkey isn’t the only thing getting stuffed this Thanksgiving!


A lot of eating is done on Thanksgiving so why not add a few sweet treats to the bedroom. Adult Empire offers flavored lubes, oils, edible body paints and other delicious items for some sexy fun!

Exsens Of Paris Massage Oil – Pina Colada

Take your pleasure to the next level with this delicious pina colada oil. Silky smooth, not sticky, no bitter aftertastes and sugar free! See what our in-house reviewer, Domineera had to say.

“I totally love fun little massage oils like this. Pina Colada is such an enticing scent for me. The taste is good but it’s not going to be out of this world. I don’t think I have ever come across a massage oil that tasted amazing but its expected. There is a nice and high quality to the oil itself. It goes on super smooth and gets heated with use. This is great for some sexy foreplay and can kind of be used as a sort of lube for hand jobs but I don’t suggest it for internal use such as with fingering anything. I also would not use this with toys because it isn’t safe for them. I am quite happy with this massage oil and it lends a silky smooth hand for a fun night.” – Domineera

Gum Job: Gummy Candy Teeth Covers

Give your partner the ultimate BJ! These great tasting candy teeth covers are easy to fit over any size teeth and taste orally delicious! With flavors including Cherry Pie, Wild Watermelon & Succulent Strawberry! You will be sure to bring your partner to their maximum O when you wrap your lips around him in these sexy candy oral treats!

Lovers Candy Heart G-String

Sex up the bedroom with a delicious naughty treat. Why wear normal underwear, when you can wear underwear you eat! Show your Love. Ladies favorite pink & red heart edible candy g-string. Perfect love match to Lover’s Candy Bra. Our Candy G-String is one of our hottest selling items. Just like the candy necklace we loved as kids, now grown up to an adult version! Made of an assortment of flavored candy necklace beads, it will keep someone nibbing all night long!

Candy Nipple Tassels

The sweetest accessory you can own! This Candy Nipple Tassels are adorned with tasty little candies just like the old-fashioned candy necklaces. One size fits most.


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Pipedream Bonnie Rotten Collection: Flip Me Over!

This dual-entry masturbator is made from super-soft Fanta Flesh and clings to your cock tighter than Bonnie herself. Pound her tight little puckered asshole, then flip her over and shove it in her ultra-realistic pussy! Cleanup is a snap after the fun with toy cleaner and warm water.

“A great feel, a great grip, easy to use and clean as well as store. This toy will definitely be one of my go to toys in the arsenal. Remember to try different toys and always change it up. Don’t just use the same toy over and over. Play around with the toys and discover all the different ways to make yourself cum. That is my favorite thing about toys, with them it’s like rediscovering your body all over again. Enjoy!” – PhilNY

UR3 Ass Palm Pal

Satisfaction in the palm of your hand! Your back door fantasy awaits you in a soft realistic UR3 material. Stick it to this tight little asshole anytime you want, this one is small enough to travel with you.

“I bought the Ass Palm Pal because it was a fairly cheap jerk-off toy. I was very surprised to find it actually simulates anal sex fairly well. Obviously, nothing can be like the real thing, but this toy is shaped in such a way that it feels somewhat like anal sex. The “sphincter” will push your dick out if you let go of the toy. The inside is very smooth, and is shaped similar to rectum/colon.” – Borg

Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle

One crack of this Fantasy Rubber Paddle and your lover will know who’s in charge! This bendable rubber paddle is soft enough for beginners to enjoy but stiff enough to still provide a firm whack. It hurts so good!

“Whips, paddles, and riding crops, oh my! That’s what is in my personal collection, so I like to think I got a handle, so to speak, on critiquing the Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle. The good people at Pipedream have manufactured a nice accessory for any serious, and curious, fans of a smacked bottom. As soon as you see this paddle, it is intimidating. But don’t let that stop you. This one piece paddle is studded and ribbed, is firm yet bendable. The amount of pleasure, and pain, it delivers is all in your hands. It’s an excellent toy to tease with, running it along your lover’s body, and it’s a great instrument for punishment when you’ve been naughty. When choosing a paddle, or whip or riding crop, or four-point restraints for that matter, you need to pick the right one for you. This paddle is good for everybody. Trust me. If you’re new to spanking, this is the paddle to start with. If you’re teaching the class on the subject and have an unruly student, this is the toy to reach for.” – Jack Zodiac 

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