Mercedes Carrera Stars in Her First TS Sex Scenes

First anal scenes are a big benchmark for most pornstars. First blowbang, first interracial and first boy/girl are other watermarks that are often singled out. Could first TS sex scene be the next big “first” that becomes a touted subcategory of its own? With the rise of transgender porn’s popularity, it certainly seems like a possibility. Mercedes Carrera has become the latest star to lose her TS scene “cherry” in the new feature Transition.

The movie chronicles the transformation of performer River Stark, who nabs one of her first big featured roles. “[Director] Nica [Noelle] took the true story of River Stark’s transition and brought it to life, capturing all her emotion and struggle,” Mile High’s Jon Blitt said in a press release. “This is a film sure to redefine what fans expect from the trans genre—and regardless of your sexuality, there is no denying the power of Transition.

Stark plays Odysseus to Carrera’s Penelope, who mourns her lover’s departure to a distant foreign war, but is shocked when he returns an entirely different person. His transgender persona wreaks havoc on the couple’s marriage, but the journey of self-discovery both embark upon will yield new passions neither could have ever imagined.

“I feel like that all culminated in the naming of the film itself,” River said. “The title Transition came up, and it just made sense. For me it meant a few different things. It was a social and medical transition of a character in a film; transition of a soldier from battle to civilian life; a transition away from the narrative that sex workers are exploited drones; a transition from the stigma that stands between trans people and mainstream porn; a transition away from casting cisgender [non-trans] people as trans people, and so on. The first time I heard the film’s name I was all about it, as was the case with the entire film. It has definitely turned into one of the best projects I’ve been a part of and something I plan on doing more of in future work.”

Carrera isn’t the only actor making her TS sex scene debut in the movie — Erica Lauren also joins in on the transgender-scene fun for the first time in the movie.

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