Cindy Starfall Exclusive Blog: My First Time On Set for Adult Empire

Editor’s note: This post was written by Cindy Starfall, star of the latest edition of the AE Films series Jay’s POV, available exclusively on Adult Empire Unlimited.

cindy starfall blog btsHello, my AE fans.

I was very excited to shoot for AE the first time. I’m so glad that the company has started to shoot their own movies now. I admire companies who always try to go beyond what they are known for. I have no doubt AE will become the next big production company.

I had the pleasure shooting with Jay Rock, director and talent. He is a very talented and creative man and I’m glad that Jay is cooperating with AE. We shot a POV scene, which is definitely one of my favorite type of scenes to shoot. The set was very fun with glowing colorful background, so you know I would have to pick out a nice sexy outfit for you.  We picked out my lavender garter set. I feel sexiest when I’m wearing garter and stocking.

Now comes the strip tease. Oh, how much I love dancing for you! I imagine you sitting on the couch looking straight at me as I bounce my ass in front of you. I start to unhook my bra to reveal my hard little nipples. I can start feeling my pussy start getting so wet for you. Then I get down on the floor and crawl to you.

One of the reasons I love POV scene because I get to dirty talk directly to you. I’m your girlfriend next door and I love to get down on my knee for you. Sucking on your cock, drooling on it and deep throat your cock till it gets so deep down my throat. Then I want you to take control and bend me over. Squeezing that ass as you slide that hard big cock into me. You can feel my tiny pussy is getting stretched out. My pussy lip is wrapping on to you. Then you throw me in some other naughty positions. Remember, I’m your Vietnamese slut!

Ooh, that was so fun shooting for Adult Empire! I can’t wait for you to watch this sexy scene.

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