The Challenges of Big Boobs: Three Pornstars Give Their Perspectives

If you’re a pornstar, a chesty figure serves you well in front of the camera, but in everyday life, it can be just plain inconvenient. What’s it like searching for the right bra size when your bust checks in at DDD+? Adult Empire has compiled thoughts on big-boob annoyances from three pornstars.

For one thing, just finding the proper wardrobe can be a challenge. “It’s a lot more expensive to dress myself, because a lot of my clothing and a lot of my lingerie has to be custom — although if it’s stretchy, I can usually make it work,” Angela White (size GG) told AE in a recent podcast interview. Karen Fisher (size DDD) finds that she has to improvise. “A lot of bra-makers don’t make bras in my size, so a lot of times I will just buy a DD and then I’ll just squash them in,” she said in a 2014 interview with Adult Empire.

Now-retired star Siri (size HH) discovered that bra shopping definitely had a learning curve. “I have this ridiculously tiny rib cage but yet this massive cup size. It’s a crazy ratio, and it is very hard to find bras. Bra shopping now is not a huge pain in the ass, because I know my size,” she said in a 2014 AE interview. “But for years, before I really knew how the bra sizing worked – when I was 18 and walked in Victoria’s Secret, they’d be like ‘Oh, you’re a 38DDD.’ And I was like, ‘No, that’s not right! This bra isn’t supporting my boobies! What’s wrong here?’ So it took me a couple years to learn the way things worked.”

And what about back pain, that oft-mentioned curse of the busty woman? Neither White nor Fisher have found it to be a problem. “I don’t get back pain, because I do my back exercises. Everyone asks me if I get back pain,” White said.  For Karen Fisher, it’s a case-by-case problem: “I think it just depends on the woman. It doesn’t bother my back. When I exercise, I wear a tight sports bra and then I wear these workout tank tops with sports bras built in, so it’s like wearing two sports bras. They’re still bouncing, but if they bounce too much, it kind of hurts, so I like to keep it in check.”

Siri even considered getting her breasts reduced at one point but ultimately decided against it. “I actually came to a point where I was a couple days away from an appointment to consult for a breast-reduction surgery. That happened to be the same week that I met my husband. He was so smart, because I told him, ‘I’m going to get a breast reduction,’ and he didn’t go, ‘No, no, no, don’t do that!’ He didn’t say anything; he just worshipped the hell out of my boobs for an hour straight. I was 22 at the time — I’d been getting down for a couple of years, but no one had actually really known what to do with them. Something clicked when he worshipped my boobs, and I was like, ‘I can’t get rid of these!’

Minor annoyances or not, White also definitely can’t imagine herself without her signature physical characteristic. “They’re definitely an integral part of my identity. I don’t know that I would feel [like] myself without them,” she said. “They’re very much a part of me. And I’m definitely blasé about them, too! Sometimes I forget that I have big tits, because I live with them every day. Sometimes I have to be reminded about how big my tits are, because to me, they’re not that big! I look down and there they are, every day. I’m sort of desensitized.”

White may be desensitized, but judging by the sales figures of her showcase features, her fans definitely are not!

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