Exclusive Video Interview with Katie Banks!

Maple syrup, hockey, peanut butter, poutine and plexiglass are just a few of the delightful things Canada can call its own. May we submit Katie Banks as another worthy addition to that pantheon of greats? The Vancouver native has built a fanbase with six spectacular years of work on her website, and now she’s coming to Bellapass DVD, the same studio that brought Bryci to disc earlier this year. The movie features Katie in “four scenes with a wide range of roleplays and fun situations that we thought were really hot, as well as a very large toy video,” according to the star herself. Adult Empire was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to Banks in this exclusive new video! (In fact, we’re honored to say it’s the very first video interview Katie has done in promotion of her debut DVD.) Katie chats about what she likes to do in her leisure time, recounts some stories from shooting her showcase, and even gives a preview of her upcoming follow-up feature. Watch the full interview here:

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