Jillian Janson: Coconut Oil Is ‘Better Than Lube’

Jillian Janson loves coconut in all its forms, from frozen-yogurt topping to every imaginable application it could have in the bedroom.

“People get rashes or infections and stuff from lubes – you get nothing from coconut oil,” Janson told Adult Empire in a recent interview. “And it’s a cooking ingredient, for God’s sakes. It’s not going to harm you!” It’s also terrific if you want to try a little backdoor action, according to Janson: “It’s so good for the butt!”

The AVN winner dropped by the AE offices to chat with Becky & Chelsea, covering a range of topics from emojis to movie characters. And just in case you’re wondering, if Jillian could play any character in a movie, she’d choose a protagonist rather than an antagonist. “If you’re thinking of The Wizard of Oz, I would want to be the nice witch, not the mean witch,” Janson said. “She’s got all these little men doing everything she says.”

Watch the full interview:

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