Fleshbot Interviews Bridgette B

Barcelona-born pornstar, Bridgette B is only getting hotter with age. The 32-year-old blonde calls herself the ‘Spanish Doll’ – tall, drop dead gorgeous, long blonde hair, tanned skin – we think it fits her perfectly! Fleshbot.com had the opportunity to talk to Bridgette about her life, her marriage to adult performer Markus Dupree and her latest Evil Angel title, Suck Balls 5.

About Highschool

“I was very much the awkward, ugly duckling in high school. One could definitely say that I was shy, quiet, introverted. I definitely was a loner, although I was fortunate enough to have a handful of close girlfriends who I adored.”

Porn Before the Industry

“Before I got into the industry I can’t say I was privy to this wonderful industry. My only knowledge was of those who had done crossover projects such as Ron Jeremy.”

Favorite Performers to Work With

“I never like to answer this question because everyone brings something different to the table. My job is to make the viewer a part of my world for a few minutes, and one never really knows the chemistry until fully in.”

Favorite Position

“My favorite position is usually wherever there is eye contact. I enjoy those moments.”

Working With Jonni Darkko

“He has watched me grow up in the business!! Hahaha! It is directors like him who make it so much fun to come into work and play! In all seriousness, his professionalism and dedication to getting a good shot is what drives me to give 100 percent whenever we are all on set.”

Working With Husband, Markus Dupree

Markus and I are newlyweds. Being with my husband is always a perfect day and he brings out the best in me both on and off camera. However, as a female performer, nothing is better than having your costar be as professional and as dedicated to his career as he is. I am extremely proud of my husband.”

Changes in the Industry

“The biggest change has been the fact that there is no room for error. Coming to set on time, alert, fresh, and ready to bring your own personal A game is what I aspire to do more than ever. I treat each scene like my first nowadays, in terms of wanting to be the best I can be. I have been in the game for a minute so I consider myself so lucky and blessed for the amazing fan base that allows me to continue—they deserve the best product.”

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