Cosmo Asks Pornstars to Give Tips for the Ultimate 69


If it’s the number of points your favorite pro basketball team scored in a game, they probably lost. But it can be a winning number in the bedroom . . . with a few pointers from the pros, that is! Cosmopolitan asked a roster of pornstars to give tips on how to get the most pleasure out of this famous sex position.

Beginning with some good oral skills will get you on the right track. “Start by giving some killer head,” Asa Akira suggests. “Tease them until they’re right on the edge of an orgasm, then pull back, sit up, (or just lie back if you’re on the bottom) and let them do the work. Keep alternating between giving really good head and sitting back to enjoy. Do this forever, until you explode.”

While the classic image of a 69 is usually something like image you see above, other approaches can work well, too. Try it with both partners on their sides, says Julia Ann. “I find the connection is deeper, everyone is more relaxed, and gravity works with you,” she notes. Some simple props can help, too, such as a pillow. “You also get the extra points for pampering them,” Ann observes. Angela White suggests that 69 is usually best when the woman is on top, “so that you have complete control over how deeply you take his cock.”

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