Pornstars Talk About Mistakes Men Make in the Bedroom

You know what they say — there are lessons to be learned from mistakes and failure, but you don’t want to learn them too often! Want to stamp out some of your bad boudoir habits permanently? AskMen chatted with a series of British pornstars (including the doyenne of Brit stars herself, Tanya Tate) about common sex mistakes that men make:

No foreplay

“A big mistake is no foreplay. Taking your time and not just going for it! Some guys just have no technique.”

Being too rough

“With their fingers and stuff, from my experience. I’m like ‘Careful – be gentle!’ I think that’s the biggest thing.”

Being selfish

“Men can be selfish lovers. They expect you in the morning to get down and suck their dick, thanks very much and be on their way. And they don’t repay the pleasure.”

Finger faux pas

“When a guy is eating you out and they decide to put that much of a finger in, and they’ve got nails! And you’re like ‘What is this? This is just annoying!’ Men don’t manicure – that’s just not nice.”

Not communicating

“They need to know how to pleasure their partner. So first of all you’ve got to communicate with them. So, guys, if you’re mute, you’re screwed! If you want to be a selfish lover, just stick it in and cum and go. That’s not going to work for us girls. Talk to us and know how to touch us, because each girl likes to be touched differently. Explore the body – have a load of fun exploring it. And then when the girl’s ready, you need to know when she’s ready. Because obviously it’s gonne be nice and wet, and when it’s ready, you can put it in.”

Trying to be a pornstar

“I think when somebody just goes with the flow and they’re not trying to be ‘the pornstar,’ trying to impress. To me, it’s about the passion. For me, it’s more about the feeling – letting her feel great. It’s not so much about being fast or being big. It’s about the connection mentally.”

Watch the full video below. (The video version has the ancillary benefit of boasting a whirlwind tour of U.K. accents – anybody else suddenly craving a Yorkshire pudding, or maybe some bangers and mash?)