Julia Ann: ‘There’s Always Been A Fascination with Older Women’

The term “MILF” originated in the ’90s and was popularized by the movie American Pie, but men’s interest in mature women is nothing new. This assertion comes from no less an authority than porn’s most famous active MILF, Julia Ann, who discussed the MILF craze in a recent AVN interview.

“The title might not have been there, but there’s always been a fascination with older women,” she said. “My godmother actually is a mainstream actress, Gigi Perreau, and to me, she was one of the original MILFs because in The Brady Bunch, I think it was Peter who had a crush on his teacher, and she was the teacher, and she was with a famous baseball player in it or something like that, so she was one of the first older women to be seen as sexually attractive. And then you had Class with Jacqueline Bisset, with Rob Lowe and stuff like that, and Andrew McCarthy was having sex with Rob Lowe’s mother. So this has existed. I think what had to happen was timing.”

In fact, she credits mainstream sources with starting it all. “I think you had, first, the [mainstream] contract actresses that had to happen first, that brought a certain amount of mainstream activity to adult, and then the girls had to age into it,” she noted. “You had to have a combination of porn acceptance, adult content acceptance in the mainstream; you had to have more women who were interested in getting into it, and that comes with it being more mainstream—your average person just walking in and going, ‘I’m going to be a porn actress,’ There’s a certain amount of legitimacy that had to happen in order for the people to show up, in order for the women to age into the role, because we didn’t have the women aged into the role. And now we have a plethora.”

Those who doubt MILFdom’s continuing popularity need only take a look at Adult Empire’s pornstar list, which Julia Ann herself dominated as the number-one ranked star for nine straight weeks earlier this year.

Playboy also took a look at the MILF craze in a 2014 article, skipping past the usual cliched Freudian explanations (i.e. that men have mother complexes) and suggesting that men like MILFs because mature women often have a more developed sexuality and more sexual confidence. “MILF porn isn’t really about moms per se—it’s about real women who are comfortable and confident with their bodies and sexuality and aren’t afraid to show it,” noted the article’s author, Justin Lehmiller.

Read the full Julia Ann interview here.

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